Associate Professor Felicity Lamm

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Associate Professor of Employment Relations Co-Director of the Occupational Health and Safety Research Centre

Phone: +64 9 921-9999



  • PhD New South Wales
  • MPhil Auckland
  • BA Auckland


Associate Professor Dr Felicity Lamm is the Inaugural Co-Director of the Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research at the Auckland University Technology (AUT). She has been teaching and researching in the area of employment relations and occupational health and safety (OHS) for the past 25 years. She has written extensively on these subjects, including compiling research reports for New Zealand and overseas public and private sector organisations in areas such as regulating and complying with employment and OHS law in the small business sector and OHS issues in the agricultural, construction, forestry, mining, fishing and service sectors. She has also been involved in a number of governmental inquiries into OHS. As Co-Director of the Centre, she has led a number of collaborate research projects and established a support network for academics and practitioners. The team at the Centre were awarded the AUT’s Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence in Research in 2013.

Associate Professor Lamm is also co-editor of the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations and is on a number of editorial boards, for example the Journal of Industrial Relations and Journal of Health & Safety Research and Practice. She was recently on the editorial board of the Journal of Safety Science and the Journal of Small Enterprise Research and is the past-president of the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand and the Australian and New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety Research Association. She has been a committee member of the International Commission on Occupational Health and Safety and the Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (UK). She has also been invited to present keynote addresses on her research at national and international conferences. 

Teaching Areas:

Expertise in Degree and Postgraduate Teaching

  • Employment Relations
  • Occupational Health Safety
  • HRM
  • SMEs

Research Areas:

Interests in Research Supervision

  • Child labour in New Zealand
  • OHS amongst Kuwait construction workers
  • OHS & precarious employment
  • Employment relations and Occupational stress and fatigue

Research Summary:

Areas of Research Expertise

  • Employment Relations
  •  Occupational Health and Safety
  •  SMEs
  •  Regulatory Compliance

Current Research Projects:

  • Employment Relations & OHS practices and outcomes in culturally diverse settings
  • OHS of migrant and/or precarious and child labour
  • OHS & Productivity
  • OHS interventions aimed at SMEs


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Lamm, F., Lamare, R. McDonnell, N. (2014). The Impact of Disasters on Independent Contractors: Victims of Circumstances, Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming
Lamm, F. (2014). The Challenges of Researching OHS of Vulnerable Workers in Small Culturally Diverse Businesses.  Special issue of Small Enterprise Research Journal, 21(2):1-13
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Lamm, F. McDonnell, N., & St John, S. (2012). The Rhetoric versus the Reality: New Zealand’s Experience Rating, New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 37(2):21-40

Book Chapters
Lamm, F., Rasmussen, E. & Anderson, A. (2013). The Case of the Disappearing Department of Labour: Whither goes state protection for vulnerable workers Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Working. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne. pp184-219.

Bahn, S. and Lamm, F. (2014). Review of the New Zealand Construction Safety Council Competency Framework, Accident Compensation Corporation and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
Legg, S., Laird, I.; Lamm, F., Massey, C. (2010). ‘Technical Report on OHS in Small Businesses’, NOHSAC Technical Report.