Dr Nan Jiang

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Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 9219999 ext: 8315

Email: nan.jiang@aut..ac.nz


  • 2012  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics from The University of Auckland, New Zealand.
  • 2008  Bachelor of Commerce(Hons) First Class Honours in Economics from The University of Auckland, New Zealand.
  • 2006  Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing from The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • NZ Work Research Institute
  • Centre for Social Data Analytics
  • New Zealand Association of Economists


Dr Nan Jiang has a specialized research area in applied microeconomic analysis evolving around two themes. The first is the use of advanced econometric techniques in the evaluation of productivity and efficiency performance. Her PhD research explores dairy farming efficiency in NZ and has been published in the Journal of Productivity Analysis. Her second research theme focuses on translating empirical economic research into practical policy tools through empowering large integrated administrative datasets such as the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). This is evident in her publications for the development of economic models to disentangle demand for hospital services, to predict the risk of hospital readmissions and to identify children who are likely to be mistreated. Those models have been implemented in practice by the District Health Boards and Ministry of Social Development, as well as international client such as the US Allegheny County. More recently, by combing the two themes, she is developing research programs with a particular focus on the utilization of large administrative data in productivity and efficiency analysis. The sectors under investigation include hospital, tertiary education, and housing construction.

Teaching Areas:

  • Introduction to Econometrics 
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 

Research Areas:

  • Productivity and efficiency analysis
  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Integration of large administrative datasets (IDI and LBD etc.) for policy analysis 

Current Research Projects:

  • “Efficiency of New Zealand's District Health Boards at Providing Hospital Services: A stochastic frontier analysis”, with Antony Andrews (under review)
  • “Factor-Analysis-Based Directional Distance Function: The case of New Zealand hospitals”, with Zhongqi Deng & Ruizhi Pang (under review)
  • Productivity of Housing Construction: A literature discussion and scoping exercise
  • Assessing the Efficiency of NZ Universities in the Australasian Region


  • Jiang, N., Pacheco, G., and Dasgupta, K. (forthcoming) “Understanding the transient population: Insights from linked administrative data” Journal of Population Research.
  • Maloney, T.; Jiang, N.; Putnam-Hornstein, E.; Dalton, E. and Vaithianathan, R. (2017) “Black–white differences in child maltreatment reports and foster care placements: A statistical decomposition using linked administrative data” Maternal and Child Health Journal, 21(3), 414-420. 
  • Jiang, N., & Vaithianathan, R. (2016) “Childhood stunting, wasting and obesity in Indonesia: Evidence from the Indonesian family life survey” Value in Health, 19(7), A881. doi:10.1016/j.jval.2016.08.316
  • Jiang, N. and Sharp, B. (2015) “Technical Efficiency and Technological Gap of NZ Dairy Farming: A Stochastic Meta-Frontier Model” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 44(1), 39-49.
  • Jiang, N. and Sharp, B. (2014) “Cost Efficiency of Dairy Farming in New Zealand: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 43(3), 406-418.
  • Jiang, N. and Pacheco, G.(2014) “Demand in New Zealand Hospitals: Expect the Unexpected?” Applied Economics, 46(36), 4475-4489.
  • Vaithianathan, R., Maloney, T., Putnam-Hornstein, E. and Jiang, N. (2013) “Using Predictive Modelling to Identify Children in the Public Benefit System at High Risk of Substantiated Maltreatment” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 45(3), 354-359.
  • Jiang, N., Sharp, B. and Sheng, M. (2009) “New Zealand’s Emission Trading Scheme” New Zealand Economic Papers, 43(1), 69-79.
Commissioned Reports
  • Jiang, N., Pacheco, G., and Dasgupta, K. (2017, November) “Residential movement within New Zealand: Quantifying and characterising the transient population” Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit Research Report, ISBN 978-0-947489-98-4. Available at: https://workresearch.aut.ac.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/130854/Transient-population-report-FINAL.pdf
  • Jiang, N., Maloney, T., Staneva, A., Wilson, M. and Vaithianathan, R. (2017, February) “The impact of Social Worker in Schools: A preliminary investigation using linked administrative data” Ministry of Social Development Evaluation Report, ISBN 978-0-947513-70-2. Available at:   https://www.msd.govt.nz/documents/about-msd-and-our-work/publications-resources/evaluation/social-workers-in-schools-services/the-impact-of-swis-a-preliminary-investigation-using-linked-administrative-data-working-paper-february-2017.pdf
  • Vaithianathan, R., Maloney, T., Jiang, N., Haan, I.D., Dale, C., Hornstein, E.P. and Dare, T. (2012, September) “Vulnerable Children: Can Administrative Data Be Used to Identify Children at Risk of Adverse Outcomes?”  Ministry of Social Development Research Report. Available at: http://www.msd.govt.nz/about-msd-and-our-work/publications-resources/research/vulnerable-children/index.html


  • 2008  The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship
  • 2008  The Business School PhD Scholarship
  • 2008  Awarded with the Best Presentation Prize - Business School PhD conference, The University of Auckland, NZ
  • 2008  Awarded with the Best Presenter prize - 13th NZ Agricultural and Resource Economics Conference, Nelson, NZ.
  • 2004  Awarded with Certificate of Distinction in Data Analysis in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in Statistics, The University of Auckland, NZ.