Dr Andrew Ensor

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Research Pathway Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64-9-9219999-8485

Email: aensor@aut.ac.nz


BSc(Hons) Auckland, CPhil, PhD Berkeley

Memberships and Affiliations:


Teaching Areas:

Computer Science:

  • Advanced Computer Graphics
  • Distributed and Mobile Systems
  • Mobile System Development
  • Server System Development


  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariate Calculus

Research Areas:

Computer Science:

  • Algorithms, Concurrency and Parallelization
  • High Performance Computing, Manycore Architectures
  • Computer Graphics Rendering, Computer Vision, GPU Programming
  • Mobile and Distributed Systems


  • Algebraic Structures, Commutativity

Current PhD students:

  • Seth Hall (Mobile computer vision using GPUs)
  • Mahmoud Mahmoud (Adaptive middleware for the SKA)
  • Xinyu Hu (Fourier-based image analysis)

Research Summary:

My current research is largely focused around computing for the Square Kilometre Array Project, the world's largest megascience project of the next decade. My role is Director of the NZ SKA Alliance, a large group of New Zealand academic and industry experts contributing to design the SKA Exascale computer system. Specifically I lead the international team designing the Survey Correlator, the CSP prototyping, and contribute toward Pulsar Search and Imaging Pipeline algorithms in the SKA.

I also am active in mobile and server-side application and algorithm development, including the development of novel computer vision algorithms optimized for GPU pipelines.