Health sciences students: privacy of COVID-19 vaccination status information

The Government has a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for workers in the health and disability sector, which will affect students going on placement.

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 states that affected workers must:

  • Have their first COVID-19 vaccination before the close of 15 November 2021
  • Have their second COVID-19 vaccination before the close of 1 January 2022

Programmes affected by the vaccination mandate

Affected workers include those students placed at health practitioners (providing health services to patients in person), and care and support workers.

Health and environmental sciences students

Vaccine required for these programmes:

  • AK3680 BHSc unendorsed route (includes intermediate semester for all clinical programmes except BMLS)
  • AK3680 BHSc in Paramedicine (and also diploma etc)
  • AK3680 BHSc in Perioperative Practice
  • AK1035 BHSc (Midwifery)
  • AK3324 BHSc (Nursing)
  • AK3410 BHSc (Occupational Therapy)
  • AK3113 BHSc (Oral Health)
  • AK3313 BHSc (Physiotherapy)
  • AK3713 BHSc (Podiatry)
  • AK3830 MNSc - Master of Nursing Science
  • AK3840 MPhyPrac - Master of Physiotherapy Practice

Vaccine may be required for any courses in these programmes:

  • AK1041 BSc - Bachelor of Science
  • AK3680 BHSc in Case Management
  • AK3680 BHSc in Counselling
  • AK3680 BHSc in Health Management
  • AK3680 BHSc in Public and Environmental Health
  • AK3680 BHSc in Psychology
  • AK3432 BMLS - Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
  • AK3757 Grad Cert HSc - Graduate Certificate in Health Science
  • AK1013 Grad Dip HSc - Graduate Diploma in Health Science
  • AK3487 PG Dip HSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
  • AK3484 PG Cert HSc - Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science
  • AK3485 MHSc - Master of Health Science
  • AK3733 Master of Health Practice

Other students who may be affected

Students whose placement takes them into airports or prisons may also be affected by the Order. If you are unsure if the Order applies to you, please contact your programme administrator or Student Hub.

Collecting your COVID-19 vaccination information

If you are an affected student, AUT will need to collect your COVID-19 vaccination status and information which identifies you. The dates on which you received your doses will also be requested.

AUT will only collect health information which is necessary for your placement and use it to coordinate with your service provider. We will not use or share this information in any other way, unless authorised by law, or with your given consent. The Privacy Act 2020 governs how AUT collects, uses, stores, discloses and corrects your personal information.

While it is your choice to provide any health information to us, this will ensure that our students meet the requirements of the Order and Ministry of Health. With limited exceptions for medical reasons, students who have not informed AUT accordingly will be unable to attend their clinical or teaching placements.

For more information about AUT’s commitment to your privacy and security of personal information visit or read our Privacy Policy.

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