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AUT prepares graduates to go out into the world and apply knowledge for wellbeing and prosperity, challenge thinking and tackle major social, environmental, business and political issues.

Our mission to create great graduates takes investment in excellent facilities and inspired staff doing academic research that filters into outstanding classroom learning. It takes a global outlook, achieved through strong connections with industry and alumni, overseas study tours and internship opportunities for our best and brightest. Sometimes, enabling our exceptional students to stay in university and take advantage of opportunities to fulfill their potential simply takes a small amount financial support.

Our community of generous donors enable our students to access support when they need it most and where it will have the most impact on their lives. From essential grants that get them through difficult times to scholarships to enable enriching but otherwise inaccessible opportunities to extend personal capabilities and perspectives.

Your gifts help our students fulfill their potential and go on to make a difference in the world.

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A gift to AUT is an investment in a vibrant and diverse university, one committed to making education broadly accessible to a student body that represents New Zealand society.

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Did you know?

Sometimes a small amount of money can keep our talented students in university. Your gift to AUT can help make sure no one is prevented from studying here because of financial circumstances.

  • Only 33% of students have access to student allowance
  • The cost of living in Auckland is more expensive than anywhere else in the country, with housing 39% and transport 55% more expensive than Dunedin