University insights for parents and supporters

The impact of a parent's influence

Even before your children are born, you are wondering how you can ensure that they have a bright and happy future – which school to send them to, what kind of sport they should be playing, and how they can stay healthy and safe. When they start high school, you begin to think about what kind of career they could succeed in.

Madona Bekhit, one of our engineering students shares how her dad inspired and encouraged her to follow her career path.

"My dad is an engineer, and when I was growing up I thought he was a superhero. He was always fixing things around the house and making them better. I really wanted to be that superhero for others, and that's why I decided to study engineering," Madona says.

Career inspiration

She says her dad was a real inspiration to her in many aspects, not only because of his career but also because of their strong relationship.

"My dad never forces me into decisions. He always offers me his advice and lets me take charge of my own decisions. I love that besides both being engineers, we also have fun together and enjoy Sudoku and discussing architecture and interior design."

Her dad taught her that you need to start somewhere and the experience you gain along the way is priceless, says Madona.

Support is key

"Both my parents have always cheered me on and supported me. My dad raised me to believe that anything a guy can do, I could do too. As one of the few women in engineering, that was very important to hold on to."

Your attitude and actions impact on your teenager's decision making. Whatever occupation you are in, it is important to keep an open mind about your child's future and encourage them to find their own path.

Madona shares her top tips on how you can support your teen through university:
  • Pride: Always assure your teen that you are proud of them – encouragement and kind words can go a long way.
  • Freedom of choice: Never pressure your teen into a degree they don’t love. Hard work never succeeds if there is no passion involved.
  • Support: Be there to support them emotionally. University can be very stressful and sometimes all they may need is for parents to actively listen and support them emotionally.

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