• Establish itself as a leading consortium-type collaborative research institute in the area of information and knowledge engineering in New Zealand.
  • Establish itself internationally as a high profile research institute in the area of information and knowledge engineering.
  • Create a bridge between advanced research and postgraduate and undergraduate study at AUT and nationally, through research informed teaching.
  • Attract significant research funds both in New Zealand and internationally.
  • Attract postgraduate students and link their work to research projects.
  • Develop advanced methods and techniques for information engineering and knowledge discovery that are of high significance in the subject area.
  • Publish results in top international journals, thus promoting internationally the science and technology of New Zealand.
  • Create new intellectual property for the benefit of New Zealand.
  • Invite researchers at the level of postdoctoral fellow from overseas for different periods of time and encourage them to publish results internationally.
  • Promote information and knowledge engineering technologies across faculties and groups at AUT. Act as an incubator for research projects.
  • Act as a link between academic research and commercial partners.
  • Organise workshops, seminars and short courses.

Research Themes


Research Groups

The NeuGroup is working on:

  • The NeuCube
  • Software & Hardware Tools
  • Quantum Inspired Genetic Algorithm

The Brain Data Analysis Group is working on:

  • Neuromarketing
  • EEG Data Modelling
  • fMRI Data Modelling
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces

The Bio & Health Informatics Group is working on:

  • Bioinformatics Data Modelling and Analysis
  • Personalised Modelling for Integrated Static & temporal Data
  • Personalised Modelling for Stroke Risk Prediction
  • Personalised Modelling for Predicting Progression of MCI to Dementia
  • Personalised Modelling Software for Static Data

The Data Mining & Big Data Group is working on:

  • Predictive Modelling of Seismic Data
  • Air Pollution Data Modelling
  • Wind Turbine Energy Prediction
  • Financial Data Analysis

The Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition Group is working on:

  • Fast Moving Object Recognition
  • Age Invariant Face Recognition

The Study of Creativity Group is working on:

  • Audio Visual Data Processing & Concept Formation
  • Virtual reality