The Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence (BLAI) is pioneered by Prof.Nikola Kasabov and here it is applied to a specific application.

In Neuromarketing two projects have been conducted that result in two R&D systems developed and available subject to licensing:

  1. Study of peri-perceptual patterns with spiking neural networks
  2. Attentional Bias Recognition

FIGURE 1. The proposed SNN architecture for Neuromarketing.

Related Papers and Benchmarking

The proposed methods and systems, when compared with traditional statistical and machine learning methods, showed superior results in the following aspects:

  1. Better data analysis and classification/regression accuracy (by 10 to 40%);
  2. Better visualisation of the created models, with a possible use of VR;
  3. Better understanding of the data and the processes that are measured;
  4. Enabling new information and knowledge discovery through meaningful interpretation of the models.

See also some of the related papers:

Kasabov, N. K. (2014). NeuCube: A spiking neural network architecture for mapping, learning and understanding of spatio-temporal brain dataNeural Networks52, 62-76.

ZG Doborjeh, N Kasabov, MG Doborjeh Attentional Bias Pattern Recognition in Neuromarketing using EEG Data and the NeuCube Evolving Spatio-Temporal Data Machine Based on Spiking Neural Networks", Cognitive Computation, 2017.

R&D System

For the Neuromarketing projects, two R&D systems have been developed based on NeuCube. The systems can be obtained for R&D subject to licensing agreement.

Neuromarketing Data

Data can be dowloaded here.


The lead developer of this project is:

Zohreh Gholami Doborjeh