If you are looking for external business environments (political, legal, economics,technology, social and cultures issues in NZ), the subject guide "company and industry research" is created for this EoB assignment. Please use this subject guide.

1. You will be able to find country information on this guide. In the section of "Country Profiles" , you will be able to find reports e.g. NZ country profiles, country reviews, country briefings, and economy data, etc. from this page.

2. Legislations related to EoB studies are on this page, open link

3. Industry information (open link). You need to find out industry information for the products that they will sell on the Wednesday market.
If you still don’t know how to work on this assignment, Please contact Ann Chen, theLibrarian, for an appointment. Ann.chen@aut.ac.nz 921 999 extn 8573