Study-internship option for Study Abroad students visiting AUT

Study abroad at AUT and get international work experience in New Zealand’s biggest commercial centre, Auckland, at the same time.

About the study-internship option

The study-internship is a full time, unpaid one-semester programme for international students at AUT. It gives you a full semester’s credit towards your home degree.

You will:

  • Complete a part-time, supervised work placement in your chosen field (30 points)
  • Study two other AUT papers (15 points each).

Work placement

During your study-internship you will work in a business, government or community organisation environment.

You will spend 15 to 20 hours a week at your placement. You will also attend classes and complete assignments related to your placement.

Finding a work placement

We start securing your work placement once we have received your placement fee.

We can usually find placements in most fields (except for health/medical and education), depending on your study and work experience.

As soon as we confirm your work placement, we will let you know.

Applying to the Study Abroad programme