Experience Māori Culture (Study Abroad students)

Experience unique Māori culture during your visit to AUT in Auckland, New Zealand. Study Abroad students can take papers (courses) from Te Ara Poutama – the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development – and take part in a cultural weekend experience.

Papers (courses) on offer

You can choose from the following papers.

HRMG650 Te Ara Pou – Leadership (15 points)

This is one of the most popular papers with students in the Study Abroad programme. It teaches concepts you can apply to your daily life. You will:

  • Learn about leadership roles from many cultural perspectives, and how to apply them
  • Cover personality profiles, personal vision, how to understand yourself and your role as change agents, and the satisfaction that comes with being a leader.

If you want to bring about effective change, hope, aspiration and certainty, this is the ideal course.

TIKA500 International Noho Marae - Indigenous Encounters of a Māori Kind (15 points)

This is a course for international students who also want to join in the cultural weekend stay at the AUT Marae (traditional Māori meeting place).

The Noho Marae is an unforgettable weekend of learning about Māori culture, traditions and protocol, followed by tutorials in the AUT Marae during the semester.

The Marae will be your classroom where you will study, experience and reflect about what it means to be Māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

MAOR500 Introduction to Conversational Māori (15 points)

This is an introduction to the Māori language with an emphasis on:

  • Pronunciation
  • Greetings
  • Forms of language in particular cultural contexts.

You don't need any knowledge of the Māori language.

International student Noho Marae weekend experience (0 points)

This weekend event is unique to AUT and a highlight for international students.

At the beginning of the semester you have the chance to stay on the AUT Marae (traditional Māori meeting place) for the weekend. You’ll:

  • Meet and learn from Māori people
  • Take part in Māori cultural performances
  • Learn Māori arts and crafts
  • Take part in a traditional Māori feast.

There is a cost for this event, which includes food, accommodation, learning and resources. Places are limited.

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