Why study at AUT IH



Location: Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with a population of over 1.5 million. The city is well known for its mild climate, excellent beaches and swimming, thousands of yachts, glorious scenery and friendly people. The city offers a range of cultural attractions including theatres, concerts, museums, and art galleries.


The school: AUT International House is right in the centre of downtown Auckland, opposite the historic Civic Theatre and one block from the Town Hall. The school is well equipped and occupies two floors of a modern building overlooking the main AUT campus and has views over the harbour and out to the islands.

AUT: Auckland University of Technology (AUT) was granted university status at the end of 1999. It was founded in 1895 and now has 25,000 students. It offers programmes for Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees, Post Graduate Diplomas, and Masters Degrees.

Facilities: AUT International House has a student lounge (with microwaves, fridges and vending machines) and a computer laboratory where Internet facilities are available for a small fee. AUT International House students can also use all the facilities of AUT including the library, the learning centre, the restaurants, the fitness centre, and the medical centre.


Meet New Zealand students: Everyday our students have the opportunity of meeting New Zealand students studying at AUT.

The reputation of International House: Founded in 1953 the World IH Organisation is one of the largest language training organisations in the world with over 150 schools in 50 different countries.

Professional, experienced and qualified teachers: AUT International House chooses the best possible teachers.  Our teaching methods are modern and effective.

Small Classes: Average of 16 students/maximum 18 students.


International environment: Our students come from many different countries including Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Homestay accommodation: Our homestay families are carefully selected for their ability to understand and meet the needs of overseas students. Every family has been visited by one of the staff members from our Accommodation Office.

Residential accommodation centrally located: AUT International House offers residential accommodation for students in the Wellesley Student Apartments, a 5-minute walk from AUT International House and downtown Auckland.

24 Hour emergency service: In the event of emergencies the Accommodation Co-ordinator can be contacted on her mobile telephone.

Monitoring performance: All students are asked to complete questionnaires about their courses and homestay so that we can constantly measure and, where necessary, improve our performance.

Weekend Social and Free Student Activities: We can facilitate the booking of weekend excursions and activities for students throughout the year. For more info please visit our News & Activities Menu. Every Friday afternoon our teachers organise activities for the students such as conversation classes, games, tournaments and outdoor visits (subject to interest).

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