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Very few people in Spain find it logical to come to study English in New Zealand having Great Britain so close. However, despite of such a long trip (half way around the world), it is a worthwhile experience.

Studying at AUT gives you the opportunity of meeting people and making friends from all over the world, experiencing the friendliness of the staff at the Reception and the professionalism of the teachers.

In my case, I found exceptional colleagues eager to learn and real good teachers who loved their job. The classes were always in a broadened and relaxed environment but at the same time, very efficient, giving lots of time for informal conversations between students.

I have to say that my experience has been totally unforgettable. I lived for four months in Auckland, a multicultural, modern and entertaining city with an absolutely charming family that made me feel at all times like a member of the family. I also had the opportunity to travel in a country totally unique in the world.

Juan Ollero - Spain

104509Spanish Translation

It has already been 8 months since I came to New Zealand.
I was not confident in English when I came here, but now I talk to foreigners with a smile and I know it is all because of AUT IH.

Kind teachers and friends from a variety of countries are always nice to me and it changed my shy character.

I stay in the WSA which is conveniently located in city. It only takes 10 minutes to school and it is clean and safe.

I also had a lot of thoughts before I chose the language school. But I finally chose AUT IH because I thought it is reliable since it is part of AUT University. And I do not regret about the choice.

I again thank to people who made me realise the beauty of life in New Zealand.

Eun Jeong Park - Korea

104507Korean Translation

I chose to study at AUT IH because it was one of the best language schools in this country.

My teachers are always well prepared and I find it very interesting to study here.

I am really enjoying  New Zealand because I think it is a distinctive place to  study. I have made lots of friends with people from different countries and cultures.

Chinavut Sothisiri - Thailand

104510Thai Translation

After studying at AUT International House for three months I can say that it was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had due to the great atmosphere that we had on daily basis between the teachers and the students.

Life in Auckland is entertaining because there are many things you can do to have a good time.

Living at the WSA I had opportunity to know people from many countries and to learn about their culture.

The weather in Auckland is very nice as it is not too cold nor too hot, which allows you to carry out many activities during the day.

Paulina Mendez - Chile

104504Spanish Translation

I come from Osnabruck in the Northwest of Germany. I attended a general and business course at AUT International House, in the centre of Auckland, to further improve my English. I chose New Zealand because it's one of the most beautiful English speaking countries in the world. This idyllic island is a natural paradise and the variety of scenery in such a small country is truly amazing.

Auckland, the biggest city, is modern and multicultural. The school is in the centre of the city, handy to shops and cinemas. Learning English with people from all over the world is fun and you can get to know a lot of different cultures. The teachers are all thoroughly professional.

Weekend tours, organised through the school, let you explore the surrounding areas of interest. Students can stay in the campus apartments which are comfortable, spacious and only five minutes walk from school.

Hendrik Muegge - Germany

104506German Translation

I come from Shanghai, China. I have lots of good memories of studying at AUT International House.

The strictly designed but fun programmes helped strengthen the foundation of my English to enter the University successfully.

My life outside of school is interesting and diverse. It not only gives me an opportunity to know different cultures, but also allows me to explore the magnificent scenery of Auckland, City of Sails.

My cosy homestay helps to prevent me from being homesick. My classmates are from various countries. They are friendly and enthusiastic. We often hang out at the beach at weekends. Spending time with my classmates makes my daily life filled with joy and happiness.

Zhao Dan - China

104505Chinese Translation

Before coming to New Zealand I knew that the teaching system would be completely different to the one we have back in Saudi Arabia and that was indeed what I found when I started my classes.

The welcoming and friendly atmosphere impressed me immensely. To make it brief, I have always wanted to study in a place where everyone contributes and I have achieved that at AUT International House. The teachers are always smiling and are more than happy to help me even if the issue is beyond the institution. Students are from diverse backgrounds.

Abdulrhaman Alesaei - Saudi Arabia

104508Arabic Translation

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