Future international students looking to study in New Zealand – what you need to know

New Zealand’s borders are open and international students can apply for a visa to study in Auckland at AUT. Auckland is an incredible place to live, study and play, and AUT is one of the most dynamic and diverse universities in New Zealand – now it is possible for the world to join us once again and we look forward to welcoming you at AUT.

When you're away from home, living on campus at AUT is a great way to settle in and make new friends in a comfortable and secure environment. We have student accommodation at our City and North Campus. There are also many private accommodation options in Auckland.

If you’re under 18 years of age when you start studying at AUT, you aren’t able to live in AUT accommodation. You must live with your parents or designated caregiver, or in a homestay.


Studying at AUT as an international student is a great choice. Ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world, AUT is a modern and innovative university located in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city. We focus on helping our students find their greatness and prepare them for a bright future.

Why study at AUT

You should budget for minimum annual living costs while you’re here.  Although Immigration NZ have recommended NZD$20,000 per year, this may not cover all your living costs and expenses such as rent/accommodation, utilities, transport, internet, food, entertainment, etc.  It’s a good idea to research living costs properly before you come to New Zealand.

Cost of Living on New Zealand Education website

International students at AUT who have a student visa may be able to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all scheduled holidays and/or during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Check the conditions on your visa – it will show if and when you are allowed to work while you're studying in New Zealand.

Working while you study

Advice for future international students

Get your application underway

Apply to AUT directly online, or through an approved agent.

Arrange payment of your fees to confirm your place

Once you have received an offer to study at AUT, confirm your place in the programme by accepting it online and paying the fees outlined.  If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the Acceptance of Offer form and return it by email to us.

Find out more about payment methods

Apply for your student visa as soon as possible

You can start preparing to apply for your student visa application when you receive your offer. We recommend you apply as soon as possible as visa processing times may vary.

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Get excited – but don’t book your flights just yet

We can’t wait to see you, but only book flights once you have accepted your offer, paid your fees and have received a New Zealand student visa.

Changes you should know about

Changes have been made to post-study work visa settings, which will apply to any student visa applications received on or after 11 May 2022 not covered by transitional arrangements.

Students will continue to be eligible for post-study work rights if they are studying a bachelor’s degree, bachelor honours degree, postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctoral degree that they have studied full time in New Zealand for a minimum of 30 weeks.

Students graduating with a non-degree qualification at Level 7 and below (including graduate diplomas) will be eligible for post-study work rights only if the qualification is relevant to an occupation on the Green List [PDF] and they have studied that programme of study full-time in New Zealand for a minimum of 30 weeks. They will need to work in that occupation, and the post-study work visa will have ‘open’ work rights.

Download government information on post-study work rights [PDF]

Advice for current students

Any student who is already enrolled in (or has an Offer of place for) an eligible programme/qualification under the old settings AND who either holds a student visa for that specific programme or had applied for a student visa for that specific programme on or before 11 May 2022, will be considered under the old post-study settings.

Anyone who is granted a student visa via the recent border exception for 5,000 students for a programme of study/qualification eligible for a post-study work visa under the old settings will be considered under the old post study settings, even if they apply for their visa after 11 May 2022. This is to recognise the effort and commitment by the sector and students under the border exception.

The level of funds students are required to have access to has been raised, to better reflect living costs. The changes apply to all student visa applications received on or after 31 July 2022.

Tertiary, English language and other non-compulsory sector student visa applicants will now need to have access to funds of $20,000 per annum for study that is 36 weeks or longer (up from $15,000). This amount will be pro-rated for shorter lengths of study.

Graduates applying for a post-study work visa after 11 May 2022, will need to show funds of $5000 (up from $4200).

Ensure you are vaccinated before you arrive.

Most travellers must meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements before travelling to New Zealand by air. You will be required to provide proof of your vaccinations and if you don't  meet the vaccination requirements, you will not be able to enter New Zealand.

Once you have entered New Zealand there is no requirement to quarantine.

Check before you travel

Have you got a valid student visa? Is your insurance plan in place? Find more details:

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Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information for international students who want to come to New Zealand to study.

Immigration New Zealand website

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