Message to donors from the Vice-Chancellor

AUT is a young, dynamic, diverse and industry-connected university for the changing world. We have a rich institutional history stretching back over 100 years and we have been a university since 2000. We are now the second largest university in New Zealand, ranked among the top 1.2% of universities world-wide and the third highest ranked university in New Zealand, and among the top international universities aged under 50 years.

We take pride in making university education accessible to everyone. Providing a welcoming, collegial and collaborative environment underpinned by a culture of respect and consideration for others is at the core of AUT’s mission to create great graduates.

Our teaching staff are committed to providing challenging, useful and accessible advanced education that can be applied in the real world. In 2018 we enrolled 29,250 students from 137 countries and awarded 7,182 qualifications including 839 master’s and 128 doctorates. Yet, the barriers to entry into university education for low-income students have never been greater. The cost of living is increasing at a far greater rate than students’ access to financial resource.

When our students are making an investment in time, commitment and money to expand their capabilities through an education here, AUT is committed to supporting them when they need it - particularly those facing financial hardship and unable to rely on others for additional income. Sometimes they are the first in their family to strive for a university degree and their ability to influence their communities and create positive impact in New Zealand cannot be underestimated.

Your giving to AUT will help us deliver rich educational experiences on campus and in industry and community settings here and overseas. It will support students inspired to test boundaries through research, challenge established theories, break new ground and discover what is possible. Whether you make a financial commitment or are able to give your time and skills, all of us can help the university and its community by paying it forward.

Without the generosity and support of our donors we would be unable to provide many opportunities for our students. As well as nurturing them in a safe and supportive learning environment, we know we can do more to truly unlock their potential. With your help we can.

Vice-Chancellor, Derek McCormack

Vice-Chancellor Derek McCormack presents the 2017 AUT talenthub Ambassador Award to Toiroa Williams at the World Class New Zealand Awards

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