Mihi Whakatau

Mihi whakatau is the Māori term used to describe a formal speech of welcome and is undertaken by a Māori representative of the University. Mihi whakatau is traditionally used for welcoming, introductions, openings and general purpose which take place off the marae.

A mihi whakatau is a speech (or speeches) of greeting made during an official welcome to acknowledge those gathered together for a particular purpose. While a pōwhiri is a ritual of encounter used on the marae,  a mihi whakatau can also be used for the welcome. 

A mihi can be given to a person/group who has/have already been to the marae or AUT campus and are being welcomed back.  No response is required from the manuhiri.   The procedure of a mihi whakatau will consist of a Māori man (Kaikōrero) able to deliver a welcome in te reo Māori.  The mihi will conclude with a waiata often performed with a Māori woman (Kaikaranga) or the host group.

AUT staff and students can engage in these services for all occasions, particularly when welcoming visitors to campus, to open new buildings or premises, as well as other events.

Please ensure requests are submitted at least one month prior to the event to allow time for consultation and any additional follow up. Once your application has been received, an automated response will confirm receipt of your application and a staff member will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm availability.

Please note:  A mihi whakatau will be conducted only if your event has a significant Māori component, just because you have Maori participants doesn’t necessarily warrant a mihi whakatau.   Also, when making your own arrangements for mihi whakatau please report back to the Office of Māori Advancement.


Situations where mihi whakatau may take place are:


The AUT graduation will involve a karanga to all graduates entering the venue.  A kaikaranga will respond to the karanga and students will take their seats accordingly.  


A mihi whakatau will be given by the AUT Kaikōrero and supported with a waiata.

Conference openings

A mihi whakatau will be given by the AUT Kaikōrero and supported with a waiata.

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