The Accelerator - Winners

2018 X Challenge Stage 2 winners have been selected and it was no easy feat!

The quality of this year’s ideas has blown us and our judging panel away…

"It was inspiring to see real problems in society being actively addressed by those who are personally at the effect of these problems. I was struck by the fact that these entrepreneurs have stepped up to be part of the needed solutions, rather than being passive victims of circumstance. This attitude of willingness to take action in the face of hardships has more weight than the actual ideas or strength of their business cases. Through perseverance and adaptability you will make a positive difference. Power to you all and keep up the good fight!" - Pete Russell, Ooooby (Judge)

We had a total of 27 entries from a wide range of study areas but it has come down to a battle of 3 faculties with 3 finalists from Health and Environmental Sciences, 4 from Te Ara Poutama and 5 from Design and Creative Technologies.

"Really great to see the level of interest and amount of entries in this years competition. It was no easy task to narrow it down, but of those that we selected they had the most thought out and well developed ideas. Market validation featured heavily as did concepts strong in design and team capability to launch. Good luck to all." - Angela Farrelly, Disruptive Unicorns (Judge)

The 12 finalists are….

Clever Little Monthly
Shara Quin, Mia Evans, Mitali Purohit & Chris Hogg
Faculty: Design and Creative Technologies

Sean Mascarenhas
Faculty: Design and Creative Technologies

Grand Stand System
Sam Doogue, Lindsay Byrnes, Terry Southern & Bruce Walkley
Faculty: Health and Environmental Sciences

Nico Donovan-Pereira
Faculty: Te Ara Poutama

Zainab Manasawala & Sreenidhi Roshinkumar
Faculty: Design and Creative Technologies

Artificial Industries
Lukey Zhou & Joshua Ghezzi
Faculty: Design and Creative Technologies

Doctor Scribe
Jackie Chan & Khoda Sisodia
Faculty: Health and Environmental Sciences

Kane McKenzie, Akash Gupta, Zane Gell & Jared Jordan
Faculty: Health and Environmental Sciences

Josh Baxter, Adam Perry, Leo Sonnekus & Liam Ball
Faculty: Design and Creative Technologies

Kaitoa Te Wheoro
Faculty: Te Ara Poutama

Virtual Learning Environment for Te Reo Maori
Sean Curham, Fenn Gordon, Trent Dallas & John Radford
Faculty: Te Ara Poutama

Tyler Lewis & Patrick Pierce
Faculty: Health and Environmental Sciences


The Judges - X Challenge

We had 12 judges with expertise from all 4 entry categories. Our judges got together on the 4th of October for a full day of discussion and deliberation to select our 12 finalists. Thank you again to all our wonderful judges for their time and valuable feedback.

Lyle Reilly - AUT

Mat Rowe - Dotterel / Level 2

Scott Kington - Makeshi-Thappen / Blunt

Dan Meiklejohn - Advantage Group

Vic Jack - Maslow

Catherine Newton - AUT

Angela Farrelly - Disruptive Unicorns

Dana McKenzie - Dexibit

Alexandre Vaz - Tradee

Adriana Christie - Pallet Kingdom

Lizzie Gray - Betterment Global

Pete Russell - Ooooby