Sally Kim

Sally Kim

Studio Assistant, Paramount Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies and Event Management

She had always heard great stories about AUT, says Sally Kim who completed a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies and Event Management.

“Every time I went past the buildings of the AUT City Campus, I imagined one day I would study there. When I did, it was like a dream come true.

“My interest in events started when I was head girl in high school, and experienced organising events of various scales and purposes. This interest developed further over the years but I was also continually developing my passion for music,” says Sally who completed diplomas in music performance and music event management before enrolling at AUT.

Her AUT degree also helped her rediscover another passion – her love of languages.

“At the end of my first semester at AUT, I decided to take on a second major, Chinese Studies. As a teenager I had won a few Auckland-wide speech competitions but my creative passions for music and events kicked in and I put my love for languages aside for a bit until I came to AUT.”

Valuable international experience
AUT students have access to amazing international opportunities, Sally says.

“How can you change the world if you don’t first experience the world? AUT will get you ready to be a global leader with its leading lecturers from around the world, opportunities for cultural exchanges and overseas work experience.”

Being able to spend a semester in Taiwan was a highlight of her studies.

“I went on a student exchange to Taiwan after receiving the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, which is awarded to enable outstanding students to study in Asia. For one semester I was at National Taiwan Normal University studying Mandarin language, history and the culture of Taiwan and greater China.

“This was one of the best decisions I made in my life and this experience has left a lingering impression on my heart. I enjoyed cycling all around Taipei, trying all the new food at the night markets, making new friends and being lost in a new world.”

Highlights and opportunities
The people made her time at AUT special, Sally says.

“Other highlights of my studies include the meaningful friendships and being able to draw knowledge from lecturers of all different cultural backgrounds. The wealth of practical experience the lecturers have is beyond imagination!”

While she was at AUT, Sally came first in the AUT Chinese speech competition, was awarded the prize for the top student in event production, got married to the love of her life and released her first music EP.

After graduating at the end of last year, she’s now interning at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles through the AUT Internz International Scholarships Programme.

“The thought of living in LA and working at a prestigious music studio in Hollywood struck a huge chord in me. As soon as I saw the internship being advertised, I applied straight away.”