Melissa Kow

Melissa Kow

Student, Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies and Bachelor of Business conjoint programmes

Languages have always been a passion for Melissa Kow who is studying Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies and Bachelor of Business conjoint programmes.

“Languages have been my passion ever since I started learning Chinese, Spanish and Japanese in secondary school. I wanted to continue studying a language at university level,” says Melissa who is a recipient of the AUT Significant Student Scholarship.

“The AUT School of Language and Culture is very encouraging and engaging. When I came to AUT, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts and after my first year I chose to do the conjoint programmes because I wanted to broaden my career opportunities. The programme leaders from Japanese and the Business School really helped me by making sure I was informed of the different options available to me.”

Exploring the business world
Despite not having studied business before, Melissa has found it an enjoyable learning curve.

“The business papers have been very interesting and are highly relevant to the changing world.”

She decided to major in business information systems because it’s a subject that can be applied to so many businesses and organisations.

“I like using technology and I especially enjoy the paper Business Process Management because I get to learn how to use software to model business processes. The group project we’re working on at the moment is based on a real scenario, so it will be a great experience to put on my CV.”

Valuable international experience
So far, Melissa has had some great opportunities to broaden her world view.

“I really enjoyed going on a student exchange to Japan. Spending a semester in Japan was a great opportunity to learn how to support myself, and my Japanese has improved a lot. And since the points from my exchange can be cross-credited to my degree, I could continue my degree as normal when I came back and didn’t have to catch up on any papers.”

She loves the language learning environment at AUT, and feels her skills have improved greatly.

“Japanese at AUT is more practical and you get more time to practise all language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The interactive classes make it easier for me to focus on what the lecturer is saying, and it’s very easy to engage with other students and make friends.”