Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace

Using a Justice of the Peace is a free service. This page has information about how a Justice of the Peace (JP) can help AUT students, the Justice of the Peace service on the AUT North Campus and where to find a JP off campus.

How can a Justice of the Peace (JP) help you?

They can:
  • Witness your signature on a document
  • Certify copies of documents, including cellphone texts and computer displayed results
  • Complete a declaration, including some immigration forms, citizenship applications and 18+ card applications
  • Complete a statutory declaration
  • Administer an affidavit
  • Complete some government department forms (including health, education and immigration)

Some tips for using a Justice of the Peace

  • Do not sign your documents before meeting with the JP as completing your signature needs to be witnessed
  • Some JPs can also be contacted at their home

Where to find a Justice of the Peace

On campus (North Campus only):

North Campus
AS Level 2 Student Hub

Tuesdays (during semester)

Times 11am - 2pm

Off campus:

To find a Justice of the Peace near you, please go to www.jpfed.org.nz. You can search by suburb, postcode or language skill.

Last updated: 14-Jun-2017 2.49pm

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