Topping Up your Print and Internet Account

You can top up your Print and Internet account by visiting the self service Top Up Kiosks located at various locations across all three campuses.  You can also top up online using your credit card.

Topping Up your Print Account

As AUT's printing and copying costs are very low, we recommend that you work out the amount of pages you need to print and top up accordingly. Consider topping up your account in small amounts, e.g. $2 or $5, especially if you are in your last semester. 

Please note that if you are leaving the University and wish to have your personal internet/print money refunded, a $25 administration fee will apply, regardless of the amount to be refunded. This is to cover the University's cost of administering a refund.

Topping Up On Campus Using Kiosk

You can top up on campus using your Eftpos, MasterCard or Visa credit card at a kiosk.

Kiosks are located in the following locations:

City Campus:
WA, 4th floor Zone A Printing Area
WA, 4th floor Zone B Library (Beside ICT Service Desk)
WF, 2nd Floor

North Shore Campus:
AL125 Tech Central
AF1 Tech Central

South Campus:
MA2 Tech Central

To Top Up Using A Kiosk, Follow These Steps:

  • Touch the kiosk screen.
  • Swipe your student ID card or put your student ID number and Network Password.
  • Select a predefined amount or press click other amount.
  • Select an amount and click pay now to continue. If you selected other amount then enter it now and click fixed amount to continue.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions from the Eftpos terminal to complete payment.
  • You can also use kiosk to transfer money from deposit to Internet or Printing account.

Topping Up Online

You can top up online anytime from anywhere using your MasterCard or Visa credit card, Follow these steps:

Depositing Money

  • Open up a web browser, for example Firefox or Chrome.
  • Go to the AUT login page ( and log in.
  • Click on 'Top Ups' tab and select Top Up from the sub menu.
  • Click on the Make a Deposit button. Note: the minimum deposit is $2.
  • Select the amount you would like to top up and click on Proceed.
  • Enter your card details and click on Submit.
Note:  On campus, top-ups can be made with an Eftpos card at one of the Self Service Kiosks located in Tech Central areas.

Transferring Money

Once you have sufficient funds in your deposit account, you can transfer money by following these steps:

  • To transfer money from Deposit account to Internet or Print account, click on 'Top Ups' and select 'Transfer Internet' or 'Transfer Print' from the sub menu.
  • Select the amount you want to transfer, enter your network password and click on Transfer.
  • Your account will be topped up. Note: after transferring the money into either your internet or print account, you will have an hour in which you can cancel the transfer and return the money to your deposit account.