Grammar links

These links address specific areas of grammar. Check your writing with Grammarly.

Articles (Monash University) - Explanations about when to use articles (a/an/the/zero article)

Linking words (also called connectors or conjunctions) - Exercises for learning about the different categories of linking words (however, although, but etc)

Prefixes (English Club) - A list of prefixes and their meanings

Prepositions (BBC Learning English) - Information on prepositions (of, in, on, etc)

Punctuation - Explanations of punctuation choices

Relative pronouns (Purdue Online Writing Lab) - Understand the differences between relative pronouns (who, that, which, whose, etc)

Subject-verb agreement (Purdue Online Writing Lab) - Examples of correct usage (he collaborates, they collaborate)

Suffixes (English Grammar) - Exercises to practise suffixes

Verbs - Interactive information on verb patterns

Verbs - Exercises to practise verb patterns

Links related to other areas of language learning

Academic vocabulary - Download and learn the most frequent words in academic texts

Academic vocabulary (Frankfurt International School) - Hundreds of vocabulary quizzes to help English language learners learn words effectively and enjoyably

Academic phrases (Manchester Phrasebank) - Find lists of academic words/phrases that match specific writing functions (being critical, explaining cause, comparing and contrasting etc)

Postgraduate writing (book resource) - Swales, J. M. & Feak, C. B. (2012). Academic writing for graduate students (3rd ed.). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

Pronunciation - Listen and copy stress and intonation patterns of conversation

Similes and metaphors - Exercises to practise your knowledge of similes and metaphors