Unsatisfactory progress

If progress is unsatisfactory, the primary supervisor will alert the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) in writing. The Associate Dean (Postgraduate) will advise the faculty postgraduate committee.

The faculty postgraduate committee will notify the candidate in writing that their progress in the programme has been unsatisfactory. The candidate will be given an appropriate timeframe to reply to the correspondence.

If the candidate fails to contact the faculty within the specified timeframe, the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) will again advise the faculty postgraduate committee and Graduate Research School. The School will notify the candidate in writing stating that if contact is not made with the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) within an agreed timeframe, the Graduate Research School will recommend to the University Postgraduate Board that the enrolment be terminated and the candidate be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme.

If no contact is made, the University Postgraduate Board will consider the recommendation of the Graduate Research School who will then notify the candidate in writing of the final outcome. A candidate may appeal against the decision of the Board if it can be shown that additional information has become available which was not available, and could not reasonably have been made available, to the Board at the time it made its original decision. Any such appeal must be lodged with the Board within 14 days of the time at which the decision was made available to the candidate.

A full description of guidelines and processes can be found in the AUT University Postgraduate Handbook.