Rainbow (LGBTTI+) student groups

Out@AUT Student Network

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We're a university social group for rainbow students and friends. We aim to provide a friendly and accepting environment to all our members. We have annual events, weekly drop-ins and an active student club.

Out@AUT Facebook page

TGNC@AUT - Transgender, Gender non-Conforming Group

Do you identify as transgender, gender diverse or beyond the gender binary? Come along to TGNC@AUT and meet other students. We meet every Friday afternoon in the city for coffee.

Email: rainbow@aut.ac.nz

Out@Aut Campus Weekly Coffee Groups

  • City Campus: Mondays from 10am, Fridays from 2pm
  • North Campus: Wednesday from 4pm
  • South Campus: Wednesdays 11am-1pm

You can contact the Rainbow Community Manager to find out where the coffee groups are held. Email: rainbow@aut.ac.nz