The Centre for Refugee Education has been awarded AUT research funding to document and evaluate a community refugee resettlement programme being piloted in West Auckland.

In addition, as part of its contract for the Ministry of Education, The Centre for Refugee Education conducts research projects, including:

Applying Post-Critical Approaches to Refugee Centred Education. MA Thesis Applied Language Studies; (unpublished)
Maria Hayward 2007

This thesis investigates what refugees may most need on arrival in New Zealand, the extent to which content and methodology of the orientation programme can be enhanced, and provides a model which better supports and prepares refugees for the transition into New Zealand society.

Adaptation of Cambodians in New Zealand: Achievement, Cultural Identity and Community Development.
Liev, M.H., (2008)

Adaptation of Cambodian refugees in New Zealand: achievement, cultural identity, and community development, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Auckland. This thesis has two foci: how Cambodians with a refugee background manage their new life in Aotearoa/New Zealand and how an identity as a Khmer-Kiwi transnational community has developed.

Refugee Community Development in New Zealand 
Liev, M.H., Love, M.C., Elliott, S.J., and Hilton T., (2007)

Community development with refugee communities, in Love M C. (ed.), Community Development Practice in New Zealand: Exploring Good Practice, Dumore Press.  This chapter examines refugee community development in New Zealand.

Tontine savings and credit system of the Cambodian Community

Liev, M.H., (1997)

Tontine: an alternative financial instrument in the Cambodian community in New Zealand, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Auckland. This thesis assesses the operations of the Tontine (savings and credit system) of the Cambodian community in New Zealand and identifies critical relevant issues with the aim of improving its future operation.

Expectations and assumptions of refugee adolescents entering New Zealand schools
Marianna van den Bergh  2007

This research may provide an insight into the expectations and assumptions of second language adolescent refugee students prior on arrival at the Centre.

Quota Refugee on-arrival programme for adults
Maria Hayward 2006

This project investigates appropriate methodologies for imparting language and orientation programmes for newly arrived refugees and suggests a critical, participatory approach might better support refugees in developing skills for resettlement.

A comparative description of the Education Programme offered at the CRE and Centres in Norway and Netherlands
Pat Strauss and Maria Hayward  2005

The study provided a thorough description of the programmes at the Centre, a summary of their development, as well as the philosophy underpinning this development and the rationale for their content.  The project concluded with a comparison with similar on-site programmes in Norway and the Netherlands.

Special Needs
Jenny Hanson 2005

The study investigated how staff at the Centre for Refugee Education, define and identify Special Needs and challenging behaviour, how cultural and linguistic challenges were dealt with; the roles of parents and caregivers, and how ongoing support for refugee children was assured. A comparison with Group Special Education (GSE) definitions and support was made.

Schools welcoming policies and practices for refugee students
Strauss, Smedley & Hayward  2004

This project comprises an investigation of schools welcoming policies and practices for refugee students. Questionnaires were sent to all schools in New Zealand with refugee students.  The project provides a baseline on which to develop an understanding of current practice.

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