Tidah Leaupepe

Operations Coordinator - AUT South Development

Tidah Leaupepe says her parents came to Auckland from Samoa for a better education for their six children.

“Every one of my siblings is doing well for themselves. Three of us have now graduated from university and we are all able to acknowledge our parents and provide for them.”

Although Tidah took a different path after high school – working full-time and raising her two children – it wasn’t until the age of 25 when she realised she wanted to further herself academically.

“I have always had a passion for sport and recreation, so after my second child, I thought I would give it a go and completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation majoring in Management at AUT South campus.

“I chose AUT because I had heard how awesome the programme is, with different teaching and learning styles.”

After graduating in December 2016, Tidah landed a position as the Operations Co-ordinator for AUT South Development.

“I assist the Operations Manager to ensure the campus runs smoothly. I work with many people and every day is different – that’s why I love the job.

“As a former student of the South Campus, being in this role is rewarding as I can positively contribute to campus life.

“My undergraduate degree helped prepare me for this position as it taught me to adapt to various situations and manage them.”

“I value and respect  my Samoan culture.”

The reason why Tidah took the leap into study is because of her children and family.

“Being able to provide for my children is the major drive for me, I guess that’s the same for every parent.”

“My parent’s example of service to our village, family and wider community is inherent in all that I do.”

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