Rik-Elle Mui

Primary Health Care Nurse - Student Wellbeing

After high school, Rik-Elle Mui worked at St Margaret’s Hospital and Rest Home as a Health Care Assistant, and there she found her passion and career path.

“It was serving people, and helping them, so I decided to study a Bachelor of Nursing. I found out about Primary Health Care Nursing, which just fits my personality perfectly - I love being involved in health promotion and education.”

After graduating from Unitec in 2011, Rik-Elle joined a General Practitioner Clinic and “thrived” there for five years before joining the Student Wellbeing team at AUT in 2017.

“So far, the most rewarding part of my position here is building relationships with the students. I want to create a safe and open environment so they can thrive in their health and wellbeing. That’s really important to me.

“I work at the AUT South campus three days a week and I’m looking forward to promoting the amazing services we provide so students are aware of them and can access them.”

A life outside work

Rik-Elle married her best friend in 2010 and enjoys spending time with her husband: travelling to his home island of Niue, or traveling around the South Island, or exploring the cafes of Parnell.

Rik-Elle promotes a healthy lifestyle at work and practices what she preaches outside of AUT. She is part of a turbo touch team, a netball team and a social touch rugby team.

Being connected

At AUT, Rik-Elle says she enjoys connecting with people.

“So many people in my faculty know my Samoan family, so it creates a community-feel within our team. We have this family-feel at the South campus which has made me feel very welcome.”

“I feel at  home at AUT.”

Rik-Elle says her Samoan culture enables her to be a lot more culturally aware as a Primary Health Nurse.

“My identity helps me to be culturally safe and sensitive, and it helps me to relate to students as well.”

“I feel very connected and comfortable at AUT and it is largely to do with my Samoan heritage.”

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