Anushka Verma

Operations Co-ordinator – Design & Creative Technologies Faculty Office

Anushka Verma says “My Pacific heritage helps me in my diverse role.”

“Being from Fiji helps me to appreciate every ethnicity and the value they bring.

Growing up in Auckland, Anushka says the multiculturalism helped her to feel more comfortable.

“My parents moved to New Zealand when I was two and they’ve always been open to different cultures, it has always just been the norm for me to adapt and appreciate it!

“We are a very close knit family with your typical mum, dad and two kids and we are very open and family-orientated. This extends out to my friends who I see as my family and my parents see them as their own kids.”

People helping people

“Living in New Zealand, but being born in Fiji came with a lot of challenges but also made me the person I am today,” says Anushka. “I have a lot of curiosity about different cultures and how to understand people better.”

Anushka graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Business in International Business, Human Resource Management and Employment Relations and completed her Master of Professional Business Studies in 2015.

Since 2016, she has split her time between the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab (DHW Lab) and Design and Creative Technologies (DCT) faculty.

“AUT is an exciting environment.”

Anushka says the best part about both elements of her position is the teams she works with.

“At the DHW lab, I walk into an environment where everyone is striving for the very best and there is this real feel-good vibe that you get from the team. It is unreal being able to work with such a talented bunch of creatives.”

“In my DCT team, there is always a warm positive energy. I know I have this great supportive team that are always going to be there to help me when I need it, or be there to teach and encourage me.

“My teams are so important to me in my roles at AUT. I have the support from a whole bunch of people who just want me to do well and succeed.”

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