Dr Julia Ioane

Lecturer - School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies

Dr Julia Ioane

Dr Julia Ioane is proud to fulfil the reason her parents migrated from Samoa to New Zealand: she has been able to not only complete her studies, but excel in them.

Julia is a trained clinical psychologist, completing a Doctor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Auckland in 2011.

Working with youth, especially Pacific youth, is what Julia is passionate about. She has an extensive career including working with the Ministry of Education, Safe Network, Regional Forensic Youth Service and Youth Horizons, as well as managing her own private practice. She joined the team at the School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies at AUT in 2015 at the South campus.

Including a Pacific perspective

After questioning the inclusiveness of Pacific culture in interventions for violent youth offenders, Julia began her PhD thesis with the aim of looking at the risk factors for Pacific Island youth who violently offend in comparison to Māori and Palagi youth with a similar background.

The purpose of her research was to look at tailoring interventions that include Pacific voices.

Julia is keen to continue on from her doctoral research by including the experiences of Pacific people themselves.

“There is not enough research out there for Pacific youth in this area and we would benefit more from looking holistically at these groups rather than just their offending behaviour. This would also include looking at resiliency factors for Pacific youth.”

Creating an environment for Pacific

Julia believes that AUT is a growing university, with the potential to raise the voices of the Pacific.

“There is potential here to grow the number of Pacific students and to be more involved with the Pacific community, especially being at the South campus.”