Fa'atamali'i Kesi

Master of Education

Fa'atamali'i Kesi

Fa'atamali’i recognises the importance of education.

“There is a need for a learning environments to be accessible, flexible and to inspire thinking for Pasifika students, families and communities,” says Fa'atamali’i.

Fa'atamali’i arrived in New Zealand as a teenager who could not speak or write in English. Despite her fear and doubt of her ability to achieve, her thirst for knowledge led her with courage to begin her education journey.

With the birth of her child, Fa'atamali’i began her learning journey in Early Childhood Education.

Fa'atamali’i received her Diploma of teaching in ECE with Manukau Institute of Technology and carried on to her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education with AUT.

Soon after her graduation, Fa'atamali’i was employed as a lecturer on the AUT National Diploma of Teaching Pasifika and later on the AUT Bachelor of Pasifika  (Early Teaching) as well as a Pasifika Practicum Leader.

A new direction

Through AUT, Fa'atamali’i completed a Master of Education in 2015 titled: Sailitofa: Samoan-born teachers’ perspectives of ICT in Aoga Amata.

In her research, Fa'atamali’i explored Information Technology in our Aoga Amata.

While teaching Computing, Fa'atamali’i realised there was a need for more knowledge about Information Technology in child centres.

“We are living in a technological world where we need to be equipped with the right mind, attitude, and culturally appropriate pedagogies that can support the active minds of our digital generations”.

“AUT is a place of learning where you will encounter diverse culture and supportive Lecturers and Supervisors.’

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