Janet Akeripa

On Campus Relationship Manager - Recruitment & Advertising
Master of Philosophy

Janet Akeripa

Janet has always had a love for learning. Janet’s parents migrated from Samoa and instilled in her in an early age the idea that hard work will always pay off.

She saw the lengths her parents would go to, just so she and her siblings could have opportunities for education.

Janet’s work and study stem from the foundation her parents set at home which allowed her to understand the value of education.

“Education is key to our communities. If you put supportive people around students then you can unlock their potential.”

Janet has previously worked at Unitec and a private training establishment in South Auckland. Janet came to AUT in 2007 as it was a natural progression for her career.

“I have had an interesting journey, and I’m glad to further that journey at AUT.”

O a’u o le Tama Toa

Janet is currently completing a Master of Philosophy on the educational experiences of Samoan men at university. She is looking at the fa’a Samoa culture and tying it into the concept of masculinity.

"The overall number of Samoan students enrolling at university is not in proportion to their population in New Zealand. The data undeniably shows that Samoan females are more likely than their male counterparts to have post-high school qualifications," says Janet.

When it comes to Pacific education, says Janet, there is a lot of work done on deficit models. So, through her research, Janet is telling a different story – one that celebrates, informs and educates people on what works for Samoan men progressing onto higher education.

Janet wants to find out what the positive influences are that enable Samoan men to go on to higher education and what supports them in the transition from high school to university.

“It’s really important that university students are able to hold onto their upbringing as they navigate their way through university and the wider world we live in.”

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