Julia McPhee

Research Manager - Human Potential Centre at AUT Millennium

Julia McPhee joined the team at the Human Potential Centre at AUT Millennium as a Research Manager 8 years ago. Her role is to manage the centre’s research projects, with a focus on Pacific-based research.

Julia has recently completed a Master of Public Health with a focus on weight loss in middle aged women. She has a keen interest in metabolic health and a passion for creating and sharing low carbohydrate recipes and food options. She has a flair for adapting traditional recipes to fit the low-carb agenda.

For Julia, it’s about getting people healthy and helping them to be aware that they can ask questions and conduct their own personal research.

Julia says AUT gives the freedom to conduct research that will positively impact New Zealanders. She is involved in several research projects including challenging both low-fat diet beliefs and current dietary guidelines, investigating healthy cities and built environment, and promoting physical activity and nutrition in New Zealand school children.

A key area of research for Julia and the Human Potential Centre is to investigate the health benefits of risky play and encouraging real play and free-range play in children and families.

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“It’s all about getting people healthy.”

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