TJ Aumua

Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons)

TJ Aumua

TJ Aumua is passionate about the Pacific and about Pacific people.

“I know we are underrepresented in the media and when we are represented, a lot of the time it is in a negative light."

In 2016, TJ was contributing editor for Pacific Media Watch and enjoyed her role in representing the Pacific voice.

“I am so passionate about writing Pacific stories and representing their voices in the media.

“I have a strong passion for minority and indigenous communities and I love learning about new cultures. At the Pacific Media Centre, I was able to research human rights issues that are sometimes cast aside by daily news organisations.

"The Pacific Media Centre is the only independent news organisation in the world that has a specific focus on Asia-Pacific media freedom, human rights and social development. It has taught me so much more about the Pacific and how truly unique we are as a people and region."

TJ received the Pacific Media Centre diversity storyboard award in 2016.

A new type of journalism

In her dissertation, TJ analysed how different news organisations in Fiji reported on the 2014 general election, specifically in Republika magazine.

Republika had somehow managed to publish critical and hard news stories under a series of government controlled media decrees, so my research looked at how they managed to do that and what was different about their style and editorial philosophy compared to the long-established media organisations in Fiji.”

TJ concluded that Republika magazine was practicing a certain type of journalism, known as 'deliberative journalism'.

"This is a robust method of journalism that includes elements of peace and development journalism. It's basically an inclusive approach to journalism that shares all sides of a story. It fuses context, voice and opinion from multiple sources.

“So unlike the usual news stories that will answer the 'how' 'what' and 'why' questions – deliberative journalism aims to go beyond reporting by answering the 'what now' question – so how the issue at hand will affect communities and how people can play an active role in it.

“AUT leads the way for media and journalism in New Zealand. The resources we have here are world class. AUT is definitely ahead of the game.”

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