Dr Agnes Masoe

Lecturer - Accounting
Doctor of Philosophy

Dr Agnes Masoe

Dr Agnes Masoe was raised in Samoa. Her family of nine moved to New Zealand in 2003 for a better education, which she is proud to have achieved.

Agnes’ 12 years study at AUT gained her a Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Management), a Master of Business in 2011 and a Doctor of Philosophy in 2016.

Agnes' doctoral thesis examined the accountability of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Apia, Samoa.

Agnes was interested in finding out what accountability processes existed for NGOs in Samoa. Her research looked into determining their sources of income and the significant amount of money that is allocated to them.

At the same time, Agnes looked at how NGOs used their allocated income and more importantly, how it was accounted for and what form it took.

Agnes’ research came about when TV news programme 'Campbell Live' made allegations about missing tsunami funds. She did not however embark on this research with a view of NGOs as ‘fraudulent’, but being Samoan she was interested in understanding accounting and accountability practices in Samoa.

“I was interested in how NGOs in Samoa prepare financial statements and what processes they were actually required to follow.”

Passion for learning

When a Graduate Assistant role arose at AUT in 2009, Agnes jumped at the chance for a new challenge. She saw the move as a way forward in her career and is now a Lecturer within the Accounting department.

Agnes says being Pacific has shaped the way she approaches her students and their learning. She is always mindful that when students leave her classroom, they are able to take something with them.

Agnes is proud of her parents and the sacrifice they made leaving their home in Samoa, to bring her and her siblings to New Zealand.

"I see my success and that of my siblings, as not only a way of showing gratitude to my parents, but also a step toward giving back to my community in Samoa."

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