Eke Tangaroa – AUT’s Māori and Pacific Early Career Academic Programme

The Eke Tangaroa programme is an opportunity for recent Māori and Pacific doctoral graduates to embark on an accelerated academic career as permanent research-active lecturers. We want AUT to be a place where Māori and Pacific people are involved in all of the university's activities. We are creating a supportive environment for Māori and Pacific early career academics to contribute to and benefit from teaching, research and academic citizenship at AUT.

E ngā iwi o te motu, tae rawa atu ki te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa
Tēnā koutou, tēnā rā tātou katoa

The Eke Tangaroa programme recruits an annual cohort of kaihoe (appointees).

Kia hiwa rā, kia hiwa rā!
Kia hiwa rā i tēnei tuku, kia hiwa rā i tērā tuku!

Mō te Kaupapa: about the Eke Tangaroa programme

The programme name Eke Tangaroa is a metaphor for traversing the academic ocean.
The appointees are the Kaihoe – the paddlers of their own waka, and part of the larger waka of AUT.
The navigator or Kaiurungi is the steerer, who stands at the back of a larger waka to keep it on course.

Kaiurungi: Associate Professor Georgina Stewart georgina.stewart@aut.ac.nz

How the programme works

Eke Tangaroa operates in alignment with Māori and Pacific values of respect, reciprocity and relationality – the development and maintenance of positive relationships in all we do. We want all Kaihoe appointed through the programme to become strong academics, and for AUT to be a great place for you to work. The programme cannot achieve this alone, but is an important indication of AUT's commitment to reflecting the values embedded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The Eke Tangaroa programme recognises the Kaihoe as taonga of their people and the AUT community, and of great potential for Aotearoa New Zealand as future leading researchers and academics. As Kaihoe, the programme is set up to meet your needs and nurture your academic potential during the first three years of your appointment at AUT and beyond.

Mō te Kaihoe: benefits of being appointed through this programme

You will be a member of academic staff responsible for teaching, research, and academic citizenship tasks and roles.

Your success and progress

Your line manager (Head of School/Department) is directly responsible for your successful onboarding and progress. They will arrange your Hoa (buddy) – a colleague who can show you the ropes for a new lecturer and academic and answer all the immediate questions. You are not expected as a condition of your employment to be the cultural advisor to your school or department, although you may offer your services as negotiated. Later, once you have found your feet, you will have a Kaiarahi (mentor) assigned – a senior researcher in a relevant disciplinary area to advise on your long-term academic career aspirations.


Different Kaihoe need various types of support, including support to undertake tertiary teaching qualifications. All Kaihoe are granted a $5,000 Pūtea Rangahau – VC Research Startup Grant – that can be accessed up to 24 months after appointment. In your second and third years, your school undertakes to offer further research funding to match.

Networking and events

Through the Eke Tangaroa programme you will join a cohort of new academic staff as part of a wider growing network of Māori and Pacific people at AUT. We will organise orientation activities for the new Kaihoe in late 2022, and meetings and workshops in 2023 and thereafter, designed to assist you with publishing, research, promotions, and other aspects of academic life. The programme has a three-year life on paper but all those appointed since the programme started in 2016 are welcome to remain in the network.

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