Logan Nuttney


Assistant Management Accountant, Estates Management

The people are what sets AUT apart from other organisations, says Logan Nuttney.

“What I enjoy most about working at AUT is the culture. The staff are obviously the backbone to any place of employment, and with AUT you’re in good hands. For me, AUT is like a secondary family – there is always someone willing to help.”

He would highly recommend AUT as an employer, Logan says.

“If you want to work in an organisation where you can enjoy coming to work and you want to be more than just another number, AUT is the place for you. AUT is an organisation made up of hard working and welcoming people.”

From student to staff

As an assistant management accountant, Logan enjoys seeing the impact of accounting on almost every aspect of modern society.

“Accounting is the language of business and because of this you’re never limited to a specific industry as an accountant. I like being able to have the ability to grow and continuously learn, and I believe my accounting career enables me to do this.”

Logan joined AUT as an accountant at the end of 2017, as part of the AUT graduate programme. However, this wasn’t his first experience working at AUT.

“Before I started my role as an assistant management accountant at AUT, I completed a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance here. Throughout my studies, I was also working part-time as an AUT maintenance officer. That’s when I first saw how great AUT’s working environment is.”

Finding his passion

While Logan enjoys the challenges his accounting career offers, back in secondary school he was certain his future would be in engineering.

“When I was in college, all of my subjects were geared towards engineering so I obviously thought I would end up studying engineering at university. However, as I approached the end of my final college year I realised that engineering wasn’t actually something I could see myself doing in the future. I decided to have gap year to reflect and figure things out from there.”

That was one of the best decisions he made, Logan says.

“I came to the conclusion that I wanted a profession that wouldn’t just enable me to get a job; I wanted a skillset that I could also apply to my personal life. I view accounting and finance as a life skill because if you can learn how to manage other people’s money, you can also apply that to yourself and manage your own. I’m glad I chose this career.”

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