About AUT

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AUT is the fastest growing and second largest university in New Zealand. We have been a university since 2000, but a place of learning for 120 years and operate in accordance with the Education Act (1989).

AUT's background

AUT Crest

Established as a university

In 2000, the Governor-General, by order in council, established the Auckland University of Technology as one of the universities in New Zealand. AUT is the youngest of the eight New Zealand universities and the only one to be established since the 1960s.

Detailed timeline of AUT's history

Public institution by legislation

AUT and the other seven New Zealand universities are public institutions. We:

  • Are funded by government
  • Operate according to the provisions of the Education Act (1989)
  • Participate in shared quality assurance arrangements
See the Universities New Zealand website for a full description of what the Education Act (1989) defines as a university

Fact and figures about AUT

2000 (under the Education Act, 1989)
Predecessors established 1895 - Auckland Technical School
1913 - Seddon Memorial Technical College
1963 - Auckland Technical Institute
1989 - Auckland Institute of Technology
Legal name Auckland University of Technology
Chancellor John Maasland
Vice-Chancellor Derek McCormack

Student enrolments 2014

(19,582 equivalent full-time)
International 2,660 (equivalent full-time)
Full-time : part-time
(Domestic students)
70% : 30%
Female : male
(Domestic students)
61% : 39%

Qualifications awarded 2014

Doctorates 87
Master's degrees
Honours, postgraduate diplomas
and postgraduate certificates
Degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates
Total 7,633

Qualifications offered

Distinct degrees in which students can enrol:

Bachelor's, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates
Honours, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates
Master's degrees
Doctorates 3
Diplomas and certificates 39
Total 224

Buildings, equipment and other facilities

Teaching facilities
Classrooms 136
Buildings - owned and leased 33
Lecture theatres
Forum/Conference Rooms 5
Computer labs
41 (with a total of 542 computers - 472 PCs and 70 laptops)
Library resources
Printed books and serials 241,228
Electronic resources 178,598
Student accommodation 709 beds
City Campus 502 beds
North Campus 207 beds
Food outlets

Restaurants 2
Cafes 4
Sports and culture

Gyms and fitness centres
Indoor stadiums 1
Art galleries 3 spaces - 2 in WM and 1 in WR buildings
Student news media

Magazine (Debate) and newspaper (Te Waha Nui)

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The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.