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AUT University's School of Sport and Recreation has researchers, undergraduate students and lecturers who can assist commercial clients, sports organisations, elite athletes and community services in sporting analysis and knowledge. 

SPRINZ Clinics 

Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ)
The SPRINZ Clinics are the service delivery element of the AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand.

Perform at your optimum best

The SPRINZ Clinics offer world-class sport science support service to sports performers and fitness enthusiasts. Training for sport, health, or fitness is a very complex process. Knowing at what intensity to train, for how long, and when, can mean the difference between having a personal best time and not completing the event.

Choose the service that best suits you

We offer a range of scientific clinical services using state of the art equipment to provide exact measures of performance across multiple sports codes and disciplines.

Human Potential Clinic
Endurance Performance Clinic
J.E.Lindsay Carter Kinathropometry Clinic
Running and Cycling Clinic
Strength and Conditioning Clinic

The SPRINZ Clinics are located at the new AUT Millennium Campus in Mairangi Bay, Auckland.

Research based services

Our research institutes and  centres regularly conduct research with organistaions and sport teams and provide insight into their chosen fields or sports. 

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