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Student Profile - Olivia Dyet
AUT's focus on real-life experience was the highlight of her studies, says Olivia Dyet who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Business in Management conjoint programme.

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Psychology is the study of human behaviour. It explores what humans need to develop and thrive. As most career roles involve dealing directly with people, there are distinct advantages to understanding why people behave as they do. An understanding of psychology is extremely useful for a wide range of careers  including career and employment counselling, community development, management, marketing and communications, politics, public health promotion, public relations, or training and development.
This major looks at psychology within the context of our society*, where we live and work. It introduces you to the main areas of psychology including developmental, personality, clinical and social psychology.

It takes a hands-on approach and provides you with research, assessment and intervention skills. This major can also provide the foundation for the postgraduate studies required for registration as a psychologist.

*You can also major in psychology (with a health focus) as part of the Bachelor of Health Science. This doesn’t qualify you as a clinical psychologist. See the Health Sciences section for details on the Bachelor of Health Science.

Career opportunities

Psychologists are professionals who have completed undergraduate studies in psychology, followed by postgraduate qualifications in a particular specialist area of professional practice in psychology. Careers include:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Organisational psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Child or educational psychologist

Psychology will also provide students with greater depth in their chosen discipline if they are interested in the following careers:

  • Management
  • Public relations
  • Marketing and communications
  • Community development
  • Public health promotion
  • Career and employment counselling
  • Politics
  • Teaching and training

Structure and content

Aside from gaining a solid theoretical understanding of psychology and its applications, you will learn:

  • How to conduct scientific research in psychology
  • Statistical analyses and interpreting data

You will acquire additional skills throughout the programme depending on which study path you choose. Some of these skills are:

  • Psychological assessment skills
  • How to intervene in a professional setting

Throughout the three years of the BA, you take core papers that provide the necessary skills in writing, research and IT capability to prepare you for academic work and your working life.

The Co-operative Education paper gives you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have acquired throughout your psychology degree in a workplace.

The Research Project allows you to design, conduct, and report on real research.

For a list of core papers see the Bachelor of Arts overview.

The study of psychology at the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy looks at psychology within the context of our society; the places where we live and work.

Core papers
COMM510 Undergraduate Writing for Academic Purposes or COMM570 Academic Communication
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry or SOSC581 Research and Analysis
CLSY500 Culture and Society
146734 Communicating

Psychology papers
PSYC580 Introduction to Psychology A
555101 Psychology and Lifespan Development

565604 Introduction to Psychology B

PSYC680 Individuals and Identities
PSYC681 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC682 The Nature of Psychological Enquiry
566508 Social Psychology

566420 Abnormal Psychology

566604 Psychological Assessment

566605 Personality

566609 Brain and Behaviour

PSYC780 Emotions and Human Nature
PSYC781 Applied Issues in Cultural and Social Psychology
PSYC782 Research Project
567425 Experimental and Applied Behaviour Analysis

567602 Critical Evaluation in Psychology

567603 Experimental and Applied Behaviour Analysis II

567604 Biopsychology

567605 Positive Psychology

567606 Health Psychology

567610 Approaches to Psychological Intervention

Industry connections

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