Undergraduate Science study options

AUT offers undergraduate science qualifications for students who are new to university study and students who already have a degree in another area. Our strong links with the scientific community extend right across the world to ensure that our science degrees are relevant to employers, providing you with an easy transition between your studies and the working world. This page has links to degree pages that contain detailed information on each qualification. Click here to apply.

Bachelor of Science - Overview

Applied science is about making real-world changes, which is why our degree constantly evolves to reflect the latest advancements in scientific knowledge – both from New Zealand and overseas. As a science student you access a range of facilities and equipment, often rivaling technology found in large industrial enterprises. Because of the practical application of our majors, you also get out of the classroom and into the real world. Depending on your paper choice you might find yourself diving in the ocean to examine marine life, investigating forest dynamics on Mt Ruapehu, testing food products in our food sensory suite or carrying out analyses in laboratories.

Majors and pathways in the Bachelor of Science

More major options

If you are interested in computer and mathematical science, we also offer the following majors:


The School of Applied Sciences offers competitive fee-only scholarships for the first year of the Bachelor of Science (one for every major). Some of these scholarships are for the full three years and are co-funded by external institutions, such as the Department of Conservation. For more information visit the scholarships website.

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

This degree teaches skills in accurate observation, and in the collection, recording and interpretation of test results. After you have completed the degree and fulfilled certain conditions stipulated by the New Zealand Medical Laboratory Science Board, you will be able to register and practice as a medical laboratory scientist. This degree is available from the School of Applied Science.

Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Science

These qualifications offer current industry practitioners the opportunity to up-skill or change direction within their applied science careers. Examples include medical laboratory assistants who up-skill to become medical laboratory scientists, or microbiologists changing direction to enter the marine biology industry, or health degree graduates transferring to anaesthetic technology.

Your conjoint degree options

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business (conjoint)

This qualification combines a major from the Bachelor of Science and a relevant major from the Bachelor of Business. This gives you more career options and lets you apply your knowledge to different sectors. For example, if you study Chemistry and Marketing you will be well prepared for a career in the marketing of chemical products.

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