Bachelor of Laws - Elective Papers

The Bachelor of Laws has a comprehensive range of elective papers that can be studied during Parts III and IV of the degree. Electives offered over recent semesters include those set out below. They are generally taken over one semester and are worth 15 points. Please note that not all of these electives are available each semester. We advise you to contact us or check AUTonline for the semester timetables and offerings.

LAWS711 Sports Law (15)
LAWS714 Law of Evidence (15)
LAWS715 Introduction to International Law (15)
LAWS716 Competition Law (15)

LAWS717 Confidentiality and Privacy (15)
LAWS718 Copyright Law (15)
LAWS719 Corporate Governance (15)
LAWS720 Criminal Procedure (15)
LAWS721 Employment Law (15)
LAWS722 Family Law (15)
LAWS723 Insolvency and Receivership (15)
LAWS724 Insurance Law (15)
LAWS725 International Environmental Law (15)
LAWS726 Law and Economics (15)
LAWS727 Law in Cyberspace (15)
LAWS728 Legal Philosophy (15)
LAWS729 Media Law (15)
LAWS730 Principles of Taxation (15)
LAWS731 Problems in Patent Law (15)
LAWS732 Remedies in Private Law (15)
LAWS733 Resource Management Law (15)
LAWS734 Trade Marks and Unfair Competition (15)
LAWS735 Unjust Enrichment (15)
LAWS736 Supervised Legal Research (15)
LAWS741 High Density Living and Co-Ownership (15)
LAWS742 Liability for Statements (15)
LAWS743 Sale of Land (15)
LAWS744 Legislation and Law-Making (15)
LAWS745 Securities over Property (15)
LAWS746 Commercial Transactions (15)
LAWS747 Contractual Interpretation (15)
LAWS748 Tax Planning, Avoidance and Evasion (15)
LAWS749 Wills and Estates (15)
LAWS750 Trusts and Fiduciary Obligations (15)
LAWS751 Legal Research Methods (15)

LAWS776 Clinical Legal Education








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