Bachelor of Arts - Chinese Studies

Year of the Rooster

Get ready for the Year of the Dog

2018 is the year of the dog according to the Chinese zodiac. It is the eleventh in the twelve year cycle of the zodiac, beginning on 16 February. Lucky numbers for those born in the year of the dog are 3, 4 and 9, with lucky colours being red, green and purple.

Know anyone born in the year of the dog? Wish them an extra special Lunar New Year!

China has remained the fastest growing economy in the world for the past 20 years. New Zealand needs people who have knowledge and skills in the Chinese language, culture and business etiquette to develop and build cultural and commercial links with the Chinese-speaking countries.

The Chinese Studies major enables you to explore Chinese culture, values and society as well as providing the essentials of Chinese language to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

  • It is an ideal major to take alongside other majors, for example business, hospitality and tourism, social sciences, translation or interpreting.
  • Graduates also gain knowledge of the Chinese society, culture and business etiquette, and will be able to interact appropriately with Chinese speakers in a variety of situations, including the workplace.
  • The programme is designed in close consultation with major private and public employers who identify the skills they need in their industries.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete a research paper on an area of particular interest, which could link in with a theme from their other major.

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Our aim is to teach these skills so that our graduates will be able to make use of them in their employment. We ensure our graduates develop fluency in both Chinese and English as required for daily communication and at the workplace.

Career opportunities

Because this major can be taken alongside another major to create a degree with a double major, graduates can choose from a wide range of careers.

With the language and intercultural competence gained from the Chinese Studies major graduates will be in demand in New Zealand's increasingly multicultural workplaces.

Communications, information technology and research skills are also taught in the core papers of the programme, so that graduates are able to maintain relevancy to the changing world.

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Structure and content

Core papers
Throughout the three years of the BA, students take core papers that provide the necessary skills in writing, research and IT capability to prepare them for academic work and their working life. For a list of core papers see the Bachelor of Arts overview.

Chinese Studies papers
CHIN501 Introduction to Chinese I
CHIN502 Introduction to Chinese II
CHIN504 Write Chinese I
CHIN511 Speak Chinese I
CHIN603 Write Chinese II
CHIN605 Contemporary Chinese Society (online)
CHIN606 Introduction to Chinese Culture
CHIN607 English Chinese Translation 1
CHIN611 Speak Chinese II
CHIN612 Intermediate Chinese
CHIN703 Chinese for New Media
CHIN704 Advanced Chinese Oral
CHIN706 English Chinese Translation 2
CHIN711 Business Chinese
CLSY701 East Asian Values and Beliefs

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