Bachelor of International Hospitality Management Overview

Anya Suchkova
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Hospitality is all about people, people, people! Hospitality careers cover everything from providing superb hotel and restaurant service to organising and planning accommodation, from marketing to managing events. A hospitality degree can set you up for careers around the world.

The Bachelor of International Hospitality Management is widely recognised in the industry and acclaimed by the country's top hospitality operators.

You learn to manage food and beverage services and accommodation, and develop essential skills and knowledge in human resource management, strategic management and sales and marketing.

Your final year includes valuable industry experience, working with an organisation on a project related to your major.

Programme code: AK3708
Level: 7
Points: 360
Duration: 3 years full time / equivalent part time
Venue: City Campus
Start date: 29 February 2016 / 18 July 2016

Entry requirements


Additional majors and/or minors

Students undertaking the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management may choose a second major either from those available within their degree (double major) or from the list of additional majors available from outside their degree.

Minors are also available in these subjects. The availability of additional majors and minors will depend on timetabling and subject restrictions, and in some cases, choosing an additional major or minor may require students to undertake extra points to complete their degree.

Structure and content

The degree surveys the scope of hospitality before examining the concepts and processes critical to hospitality operations. This gives you the foundation to continue to study management principles and practices in a hospitality context.

The practical side of this programme involves learning to use commercial kitchen tools and equipment to a professional level, requiring students to demonstrate a level of awareness and skill that does not compromise any health and safety standards.

Year 1
This year lays the foundation of hospitality concepts and systems essential for managing food and beverage services and accommodation properties. During this year, you will choose whether to continue in a generic degree or choose a single or double major to study from your second year onward. There are eight Year 1 hospitality papers. See "Core papers" below for more details.

Year 2
You will examine human resource management in organisations in the hospitality industry and also focus on your chosen major and/or electives that complement your field of interest and study.

Year 3
You will study strategic management as it relates to the hospitality industry and you will undertake advanced study in your selected major. You choose electives to balance the major or generic BIHM qualification.

Co-operative education

For your final semester, you will undertake a co-operative education project that involves practical experience in the workplace. This helps you build further skills in the workplace, develop networks and consolidate your decision on your professional career after graduating.

Conjoint degrees

A conjoint programme of study enables you to study for two degrees at the same time and complete both in a shorter time than it would take to complete them separately.

This is because the regulations permit a number of papers to count towards both degrees. It is usually possible to complete two three-year degrees in four to five years.

You need to maintain a B average across all papers to remain in a conjoint programme of study. You can study the Bachelor of Business conjointly with the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management.

Bachelor of Business (AK3004)

Students may choose from any of the following Bachelor of Business majors, or may choose two to make a double major:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Information Systems
  • Design
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Sales
  • Sustainable Enterprise
  • Tourism

Core papers

COMM510  Undergraduate Writing for Academic Purposes
215004 Applied Food and Beverage Management (Kitchen)
215005 Applied Food and Beverage Management (Restaurant)
215007 Hospitality Accounting and Finance
215008 Hospitality Organisational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills
215403 Beverage Management
215504 Hospitality Information Communication Technology
CLSY500 Culture and Society
216802 Hospitality Human Resource Management
217805 Hospitality Strategic Management
217806 Hospitality Cooperative Education


216008 Service Management for Hospitality

216009 Rooms Division Management

216801 Facilities Design and Development

217009 Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management

217013 Hotel Management Simulation

217802 Hospitality Sales and Marketing

Event Management
216619 An Event Perspective
216620 Event Planning
216622 The Event Design Experience
217008 Event Production
217016 Contemporary Issues in Event Management
MGMT721 Leadership Practices and Principles

Food Beverage
216008 Service Management for Hospitality
GAST601 Gastronomy
216805 International Food and Beverage Management
217009 Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management
217012 Professional Wine Studies
217802 Hospitality Sales and Marketing

Human Resource Management

216800 Hospitality Career Development
466646 Employment Relations
466649 Training and Development
467809 International Human Resource Management
467945 Issues in Human Resource Management
MGMT721 Leadership Practices and Principles

485000 Fundamentals of Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales
146718 Public Relations Communication
486663 Marketing Management
486670 Consumer Behaviour
217802 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
487667 Service Marketing
487972 Customer Relationship Management

216001 Tourism Heritage and Culture
216004 Asia and Tourism
216014 Distribution and Information Systems
216015 Global Tourism
216901 Tourism Marketing
217001 Urban Tourism
217003 Tourism and Indigenous Cultures
217900 Tourism Planning and Development
217901 Contemporary Issues in Tourism
217902 Tourist Behaviour

Additional papers
TIKA501 Noho Marae Wānanga A
TIKA502 Noho Marae Wānanga B
216010 International Spa Contemporary Issues
216012 Gastronomic Tourism
216013 Gastronomy Aotearoa
217010 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality
217014 Spa Design and Management
217015 Wellness Tourism
SOSC701 Sociology of Food
217800 Hospitality Entrepreneurship
217903 Tourism Information and Research

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