Books and publications

This page features a selection of books written wholly or partly by staff from the School of Hospitality and Tourism. Subjects areas covered in these books reveals the diverse range of expertise and research areas that exist within the school.

Recent works

  • Porter, B. & Schänzel, H. (2018, in press). Femininities in the Field: Tourism and transdisciplinary Research. Bristol: Channel View. Download book cover.
  • Schänzel, H.A. (2017). A time and space of one's own: Women's resistance to the motherhood discourse on family holidays. In Khoo-Lattimore, C. & Wilson, E. (Eds). Women and Travel: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Oakville, Canada: Apple Academic Press, pp. 51-66.
  • Klein, R.A., Lück, M., & Poulston, J. (2017). Passengers and risk: Health, wellbeing, and liability. In: Dowling, R. & C. Weeden (Eds.): Cruise ship tourism (2nd ed.). Wallingford, CABI, pp. 106-123.
  • Milne, S., Bai, B. H., Kim, C. S., & Kim, P. B. (2017). A critical review of the impact of technology and the internet on hospitality marketing. In Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Marketing.
  • Lück, M., Ritalahti, J., & Scherer, A. (Eds.) (2016). International perspectives on destination management and tourist experiences: Insights from the International Competence Network of Tourism Research and Education (ICNT). Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt.

Low Cost Carrier.

Mackley-Crump, J. (2015). The Pacific Festivals of Aotearoa New Zealand: Negotiating Place and Identity in a New Homeland. Honolulu, University of Hawai'i Press.

Events Society.

Lück, M., Velvin, J., & Eisenstein, B. (Eds.). (2015). The Social Side of Tourism: The interface between tourism, society, and the environment (Vol. 9). Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang Verlag.

Ideological, Social and Cultural Aspects of Events.

Edited by O Moufakkir, Group Sup de Co La Rochelle, France, T Pernecky, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (eds.) (2014).
Ideological, Social and Cultural Aspects of Events.

Me'a ai Samoa.

Oliver, R., Berno, T. & Ram, S. (2013).Mea'ai Samoa: Stories and recipes from the heart of Polynesia. Auckland: Random House.

Low Cost Carrier.

Gross, S. & M. Lück (eds.) (2013).
Low cost carriers worldwide
. Farnham, Ashgate.

Events Society.

Pernecky, T. & M. Lück (eds.) (2013).
Events, society and sustainability: critical and contemporary approaches. London, Routledge.


Robinson, P.; M. Lück & S.L. Smith (2013). Tourism. Wallingford, CABI.

Chef NZ.

Christensen-Yule, L, Neill, L. & McRae, H. (2012).
The New Zealand Chef. Auckland, Pearson.

Family tourism

Schänzel, H., Yeoman, I. & Backer, E. (eds.) (2012)
Family tourism: Multidisciplinary perspectives. Bristol, Channel View Publications.

Tourism 2050.

Yeoman, I., Davies, J., Wheatley, C., Mats, M., Schänzel, H. & Butterfield, S. (2012). Tourism 2050: Scenarios for New Zealand. Wellington, University of Wellington.

Polar tourism.

Maher, P.; E. Stewart & M. Lück (eds.) (2011). Polar tourism: Human, environmental and governance dimensions. Cognizant Communication, Elmsford, NY.


Orams, M. (2010).
Blake: Leader: Leadership lessons from a great New Zealander. Auckland, Random House.

Polar tourism.

Oliver, R., Berno, T. & Ram, S. (2010). Me'a kai: The food and flavours of the South Pacific. Auckland: Random House. (Winner of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards "Best Cookbook in the World").

Cruise Tourism.

Lück, M.; P. Maher & E. Stewart (eds.) (2010). Cruise tourism in the polar regions: Promoting environmental and social sustainability? Earthscan Publications, London.

Tourism and rec marine.

Lück, M. (ed.) (2008).
The Encyclopedia of tourism and recreation in marine environments. CABI, Wallingford, UK.

Marine Wildlife Tourism.

Higham, J. & M. Lück (eds.) (2007).
Marine wildlife and tourism management: Insights from the natural and social sciences. CABI, Wallingford, UK.

Nautical Tourism.

Lück, M. (ed.) (2007).
Nautical tourism: Concepts and issues. Cognizant Communication Corp., Elmsford, NY.

Front Office.

Payne, K., & Schitko, D. (2006).
Front office operations for hospitality. A contemporary approach. (Workbook) Auckland: Hachette Livre.

Tourism Industry Management.

Collier, A. & Brocx, M. (2004).
Tourism industry management. Auckland, Pearson.

Global Eco.

Lück, M. & T. Kirstges (eds.) (2003).
Global ecotourism policies and case studies: Perspectives and constraints. Channel View Publications, Clevedon/UK.

Umweltverträglicher Tourismus.

Kirstges, T. & M. Lück (eds.) (2001). Umweltverträglicher Tourismus: Fallstudien zur Entwicklung und Umsetzung Sanfter Tourismuskonzepte. Armin Gmeiner Verlag, Messkirch/Germany.

Human Communication.

De Vito,J., O’Rourke, S., & O'Neill, L.(2000). Human communication, New Zealand Edition. Auckland, Longman.

Marine Tourism.

Orams, M. (1999).
Marine tourism: Development, impacts, management. London, Routledge.

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