Dr Annette Dickinson

Senior Lecturer

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 extension 7337

Email: annette.dickinson@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
Room: MB215, AUT South Campus

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Paediatric Society of New Zealand
College of Nurses Aotearoa


  • 2004 PhD
  • 1998 Master of Nursing (Distinction)
  • 1986 Advanced Diploma of Nursing (Maternal Child Health)
  • 1976 Graduate Registered General Obstetric Nurse

Memberships and Affiliations:

Paediatric Society of New Zealand

College of Nurses Aotearoa

Neonatal Nurses College Aotearo NZNO

Associate Editior Neonatal,Paediatric and Child Health Nursing Journal


Annette comes from a strong clinical background of paediatric nursing.  Prior to taking up a position at AUT University in 2000 she held a number of leadership positions at Starship Children’s Hospital including, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Nurse Consultant (Quality/Research) and Nurse Advisor.

Annette’s research and clinical interests relate to chronic illness and disability in childhood, children's health literacy and illness experience, health service delivery to children and families and the development of a professional workforce for child health services.  Annette is co-director of the Centre for Child Health Research and program leader for the Post Graduate child health programs at AUT.

Teaching Areas:

Management of Children with Acute Illness (postgraduate)

Chronic Illness and Disability in childhood (postgraduate)

Clinical assessment and diagnostic reasoning (postgraduate)

Supervision of practice projects/theses in the topic are of child health and qualitative methodologies.


Research Areas:

Child/family experience of illness/disability, delivery of health care services to children and families, children’s voice in health and health service delivery, and child centred nursing.

Research Summary:

Research and clinical interests:
  • chronic illness and disability in childhood
  • children's health literacy and illness experience
  • health service delivery to children and families
  • development and education of a professional workforce for child health services.   Annette has held a number of key leadership roles within the paediatric sector and is currently associate editor for neonatal, paediatric and child health nursing journal and nursing research fellow Starship children's health.


Published Journal Articles:

Carter, B., Ford, K., Bray, L., Water, T., Arnott, J., Tichanow, C., & Dickinson, A. (2017). “It's not who I am”: Children's experiences of growing up with a long-term condition in England, Australia, and New Zealand. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 22(4), e12197-n/a. doi:10.1111/jspn.12197

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Carter, B., Bray, L., Dickinson, A., Edwards, M., & Ford, K. (2014). Child-centred nursing :promoting critical thinking. London: Sage.


2001 Irihapeti Murchi Scholarship (College of Nurses Aotearoa)

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