Sally Britnell

Sally Britnell photo 2016

Lecturer - Nursing

Phone: +64 9 9219999 ext. 7539


Physical Address:
Room AA219
North Shore Campus
90 Akoranga Drive
North Shore City

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  • Masters of Health Science (Advanced Nursing) (Hons)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing (Emergency Nursing)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)
  • Certificate in Tertiary Teaching
  • Certificate in Adult Teaching
  • Diploma in Recreation Management
Current Study:
  • PhD in Health Informatics (Computing/Mathematics)

Memberships and Affiliations:

Referee / Reviewer

  • Emergency Medicine Journal
  • Contemporary Nurse
  • Health Care and Informatics Review Online
  • Health Informatics New Zealand Conference
  • Nursing Informatics New Zealand Conference


Sally Britnell is currently Lecturer in Nursing at AUT University. Research is primarily related to pediatric health. Prior to this she was employed as a registered nurse for 16 years and has also worked and volunteered for St John for 20 years and held many roles such as ambulance officer, nurse, clinical standards tutor and volunteer team manager. Sally is interested in using online learning and mobile technology in health education. Her recent research involves weight estimation in paediatric resuscitation and she has plans to extend this to include application of technology to paediatric weight estimation as a PhD thesis.

Teaching Areas:

  • Health Assessment (Adult and Child)
  • Health Informatics
  • Infection Control
  • Primary Health Care

Research Areas:

  • Weight estimation in paediatric resuscitation
  • Mobile technology to decrease cognitive loading in paediatric resuscitation
  • Mobile technology in student and patient education
  • Photogrammetry / Image Processing
  • Nutrition / Anthropometry
  • Evaluation of teaching and learning

Current Research Projects:

  • Mobile technology to decrease cognitive loading in paediatric resuscitation.
  • Nurses Nutrition Study: Comparison of anthropometric measures and food habits of student nurses.
  • How can technology assist student learning in nursing education?
  • Using virtual and augmented in interprofessional education.
  • National health informatics competencies for registered and student nurses.


  • SoTEL Conference (February 2018)
  • National Nursing Informatics Conference (November 2017)
  • Health Informatics New Zealand Conference (October 2017)
  • mLearn (Sydney) (October 2016)
  • Health Informatics New Zealand (October 2016)
  • National Nursing Informatics Conference (October 2016)
  • Health Informatics New Zealand (October 2015)
  • National Nursing Informatics Conference (October 2015)
  • Australasian Nurse Educators Conference (November 2015)
  • Health Hackathon – Solving Self Care (February 2015)


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  • Britnell, S., Taylor, S., & Koziol-McLain, J. (2016). Emergency weight estimation lookup tables for New Zealand children aged 5-10 years. Emergency Medicine Australasia. doi:10.1111/1742-6723.12637

  • Britnell, S., & Koziol-McLain, J. (2015). Weight estimation in paediatric resuscitation: A hefty issue in New Zealand. Emergency Medicine Australasia.

Conference Presentations:

Cochrane, T., Stretton, T., Aiello, S., Britnell, S., Cook, S., Christie, D., & Narayan, V. (2017). Developing virtual collaborative health team educational environments. In H. Partridge, K. Davis, & J. Thomas (Eds.), Me, Us, IT! Proceedings ASCILITE2017: 34th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (pp. 37-41). University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia: Ascilite.
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Britnell, S., Honey, M., & Colins, E. (2017). Nursing informatics competencies for New Zealand nurses. In National Nursing Informatics Conference 2017. Rotorua.

Britnell, S., Conaglen, J., Johns, S., & Narayan, V. (2014). Nursing students as agents of change: Empowering patients using mobile technology in health promotion. In Health Informatics New Zealand Conference 2014. Auckland, New Zealand.
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Britnell, S. (2014). Students as agents of change. Empowering households and communities through the use of mobile social media in a clinical paper (Poster presented at AUT LTDF showcase). Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand.

Britnell, S. (2014). To compare the accuracy of the Broselow-Luten Tape and APLS, Theron and Shann’s formulae in prediction of weight in children aged 5 to 10 years in Auckland. Auckland University of Technology.

Britnell, S. (2014). Weight estimation in paediatric resuscitation: A hefty Issue. In AUT University Postgraduate Symposium. WG 308.

Britnell, S. (2014). Weight estimation in paediatric resuscitation: A hefty issue in New Zealand. In National Paramedic Research Forum. Auckland, New Zealand.

Britnell, S. (2009). Intranasal Fentanyl - An effective first line analgesia for Children (Vol. Spring, pp. 7–7). Presented at the Emergency and Flight Nurses Conference, Auckland: Emergency Nurse New Zealand.


  • 2017/2018 – Summer Studentship Funding to supervise a student (AUT University)

  • 2017 – Best Presentation at the National Nursing Informatics Conference.

  • 2014 - St John Honors (Member of Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem) – MStJ Date awarded: November 2014
 Awarded by: St John.

  • 2014 - Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences Teaching Assistant Award 2014. Date awarded: 28 March 2014
 Awarded by: AUT University

  • 2013 – LTDF Funding - Students as agents of change: Empowering households and communities through the use of mobile social media in a clinical paper. 
Date awarded: 15 March 2013
 Awarded by: Learning and Teaching Fund (AUT University).

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