Emergency and Disaster Management Course Information

What is Emergency and Disaster Management?

The discipline and the profession of applying science, technology, planning, and management to deal with extreme events that can:

  • dramatically affect society and people;
  • cause extensive damage to property and infrastructure, severely disrupting communities.

As a process emergency and disaster management involves being ready, reducing risk, responding to and recovering from an emergency. Critical functional components include planning, training, simulating exercises and coordinating activities.

Undergraduate study option

Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management

Postgraduate study options

Postgraduate programmes focus on psychological, societal and behavioural factors, to advance government emergency situation initiatives

Career opportunities

Emergency and disaster managers work in local or central government departments, business district health boards, civil defence emergency management groups, not-for-profit groups, ambulance, fire, police and defence, or as members of an emergency response or recovery team.

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