Mechanical Engineering Major - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Professional mechanical engineers work with advanced technology across many fields ranging from transportation, energy systems, home appliances, manufacturing machinery and processes, to robotics and medical technologies. In a world where global warming and environmental degradation are critical issues, mechanical engineers play a key role in developing new sustainable technologies.

The Mechanical Engineering major in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (BE (Hons)) provides you with a comprehensive base of engineering science and technology.

  • Grounded in practical applications with a strong focus on engineering analytical and design skills
  • Develops your ability to think creatively about solutions to sustainability challenges
  • Papers cover the wider roles and ethical responsibilities of the engineer, and the management of engineering projects and project teams
  • Valuable work experience and projects through industry partnerships with companies such as Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy, Contact Energy, Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Telecom and Auckland Airport


Most papers last one semester and are worth 15 points. You must complete 120 points each year (480 points for the entire degree). In each year you will study core (compulsory) papers, and select other papers from a range of options.

In addition to successfully completing all papers, you also need to complete a minimum of 800 hours of planned supervised work placement before graduation. The aim of the work experience is to expose you to engineering practices and management systems in the work environment.

Year 1
The first year is mostly common to all majors. It provides you with the necessary grounding in mathematics and computational techniques, as well as developing communication and teamwork skills.

Level 5:
705003 Introduction to Computing (15 points)
705010 Introduction to Engineering Design (15 points)
705011 Mechanical Principles A (15 points)
705012 Mechanical Principles B (15 points)
705013 Electrical Principles A (15 points)
705014 Electrical Principles B (15 points)
705015 Engineering Materials I (15 points)
715001 Engineering Mathematics I (15 points)

Year 2
Engineering analytical skills are built on the basic principles of Year 1.

Level 6:
716001 Engineering Mathematics II (15 points)
766021 Manufacturing Technology (15 points)
766022 Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery (15 points)
766023 Solid Mechanics 1 (15 points)
ENGE600 Engineering Management I (15 points)
ENME602 Engineering Design Methodology (15 points)
Level 7:
707016 Engineering Mathematics III (15 points)
767026 Fluids and Thermodynamics (15 points)

Year 3
Engineering analysis diversifies to include higher levels of dynamics, solids mechanics and thermofluids. Independent learning, teamwork and synthesis are developed through the Mechanical Design paper.

Level 7:
767027 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (15 points)
ENGE701 Engineering Management II (15 points)
ENME700 Engineering Materials II (15 points)
ENME701 Systems Dynamics and Vibrations (15 points)
ENME702 Mechanical Design (15 points)
ENME703 Mechatronics and Control (15 points)
ENME704 Solid Mechanics (15 points)
Level 8:
ENGE800 Engineering Numerical Techniques and Statistical Analysis (15 points)

Year 4
In the final year you will do an individual industrial project. This is a supervised research-driven programme of real-life industrial experience, relevant industrial education in production processes, management techniques, research applications, design and other activities in a working environment.

Level 8:
ENME802 Computer Aided Engineering and Analysis (15 points)
ENME804 Advanced Mechanical Design (15 points)
ENME895 Industrial Project (Mechanical) (30 points)

SELECT 45 points from the following options:
708014 Specialist Readings B (15 points)
708016 Specialist Readings D (15 points)
768002 Advanced Manufacturing Technology (15 points)
768003 Advanced Operations Management (15 points)
768005 Internal Combustion Engines (15 points)
ENME800 Robotics and Automation (15 points)
ENME803 Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis (15 points)
ENME805 Advanced Fluids and Heat Transfer (15 points)

And 15 points from any paper listed in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or from any other bachelor’s degree with the approval of the programme leader.

Click here to view programme structure and paper outlines.

Additional course information can also be found here.

Enrolment in papers is subject to meeting all requirements and availability of papers.

Career opportunities

  • Engineer and general manager
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Product designer
  • Project manager
  • Further postgraduate study

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