AUT - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - degree outline


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - degree outline

Engineering careers involve the design, development and construction of a range of structures, devices and systems. Everything we use and consume has been designed or influenced by engineers. New approaches to engineering are critical to address issues concerning the sustainability of quality of life for humans such as clean water, a healthy environment, renewable/sustainable energy systems, waste management and recycling.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is ideal for students who wish to become professional engineers.

This major prepares you for the growing demand for engineering professionals in NZ due to emerging high-tech sectors. These include biotechnology, processing, electronics and embedded systems, mechatronics and robotics, sensing and scanning devices, medical technologies, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies (including plastics), pharmaceuticals, agri-technologies, digital and ICT technologies.

Quick facts

Programme Code: AK3751
4 years full-time
City Campus
Start date:
3 March 2014 and 21 July 2014

AUT encourages early application. There are limited places available. Late applications will be accepted if the programme is not full. Applicants will normally be selected on the basis of their level of academic achievement and may be required to attend a selection interview.

Guaranteed Entry

You will be guaranteed a place in this programme if you achieve an academic score of 250 along with NCEA 18 level 3 credits in each of Calculus and Physics or CIE A levels in Mathematics and Physics.

Entry requirements

  • University Entrance
  • NCEA: 14 level 3 credits in each of Mathematics with Calculus (Calculus) and Physics
  • CIE: At least an A level in either Mathematics or Physics and an AS level in the other

Preferred school subjects

  • Computing or Digital Technologies
  • English



Year 1
The first year is common to all majors. As well as undertaking papers that provide the necessary grounding in mathematics and computational techniques, you will develop the communication and teamwork skills required by engineers who often work in teams that involve non-engineering participants.

Year 2
You will be provided with the background and tools to understand and apply mathematical and engineering sciences across a broad range of engineering disciplines within each major.

Year 3
As well as undertaking advanced study in your major, you will undertake an individual industrial project where you will work on a piece of engineering design and analysis. Supervision by academic supervisors is provided to ensure work is of a consistently appropriate standard.

Year 4
In the final year of study, you will undertake an individual industrial project where you will work on a real-world piece of engineering design and analysis. Its objective is to prepare you for the jobs you are likely to encounter upon graduation.

In addition to successfully completing all the papers, you also need to complete a minimum of 800 hours of planned supervised work placement prior to graduation. The aim of the work experience is to expose you to engineering practices and management systems in the work environment.

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