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Research at School of Engineering, AUT

Research in the School of Engineering includes strong activities of industrial research in partnerships with a very wide range of industries,as well as basic research topics that are important to the engineering and technologies and research on a number of new and emerging technologies.

Current research interests include:

Sensor networks and network embedded intelligence; Smart homes; Emerging broadband wireless technologies; Ambient intelligence

Power and Energy Engineering
Power system operation and control; Deregulated power systems; Energy management; Power Electronics/Induction Power Transfer; Renewable energy
Computer Engineering
Reconfigurable and high performance computing; Reliability of devices and integrated circuits; Embedded Systems

Signal Processing
Speech enhancement, adaptive filtering, speech recognition, virtual humans, pattern recognition, smart-house control

Industrial Optimisation, Modelling & Control

Industrial computing & numerical analysis; Neural networks, fuzzy control; Robotics and mechatronics

Biomedical Technologies
Respiratory system dynamics and therapy devices; Cardiovascular diagnostics and electroactive polymers; Biomedical signal processing

Aerospace Engineering

Remotely-piloted and autonomously controlled aerial and submersible vehicles; Materials for aeronautical and aerospace vehicles; Ocean remote sensing, RADAR, SONAR; Navigation systems (GPS, inertial, machine vision); Failure in aeronautical vehicles, forensic analysis

Materials & Manufacturing Technologies

Microstructure and property analysis; Phase transformation (solid & solidification); Building materials; Smart optics (polymers); Welding metallurgy; Metal forming; Machining and machinability; Friction stir processing; Rapid prototyping and manufacturing; Simulation and modelling of manufacturing processes

Construction Management
Procurement and decision support systems; Supply chain management; Construction logistics; Lean construction; Defects reporting and quality management; Transaction cost measurement in construction projects; Retentions strategy; Security of payments in construction; Productivity in construction; Corporate social responsibility


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Postgraduate Research Qualifications:

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